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Our 2020 Christmas Card

One of my favorite posts of the year... our Christmas card reveal! I have to say, I've been pretty on my game this Christmas. Cards have already gone out, and almost all of the gifts we've ordered for friends and family have come in the mail, been wrapped, and were shipped out themselves this morning! I knew that we'd be shopping online for our gifts this year and mailing almost everything out, so we ordered things pretty early on. And now I'm wondering if we sent our Christmas cards too early? Oh well. It's out there, and it's hopefully spreading some cheer! And who doesn't need that right now?

Before I share this year's card, here's a look back at the past two years. Our first Christmas card was in 2018 while we were still just dating.

We took this photo up at my parent's house in Maine in front of their barn. You can't really tell, but Nestlie and I are wearing coordinating striped sweaters that have colorful Christmas trees on them (yes, I'm that person).

Next, here's our card from last year, 2019!

I lovedddd our card last year. It featured our engagement photos and we signed it "the future Mr. and Mrs. Kernan," thinking that 2020's card would be signed "Mr. and Mrs. Kernan." But instead... here we are! Our 2020 Christmas card:

We're (still) the future Mr. and Mrs. Kernan! You might remember that my friend Melody took some photos of Les and I at our wedding venue this past September during the week that we would have been married. I absolutely adored how those came out and knew that this photo would make a beautiful Christmas card with all of the greenery. And, how precious is Nestlie on the back? I love how these came out. You'll notice I've been pretty consistent on the "Merry" theme, and I can't wait until next year when we're "Married and Merry!"

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