Bridal Shower Style

I keep telling this to my friends and family, but I'm just so excited to finally get married this year. No matter what September looks like, whether we have 100 guests or 10, I'm just ready for our wedding day to be here. Last year was filled with anxiety and stress about what to do, followed by a huge wave of relief when we decided to postpone. And now my primary emotion is just excitement! The wedding coordinator from our venue emailed me last week to set up a planning meeting at the beginning of March, which is actually the very last thing I did before we went into full-on quarantine last year. Les was tied up at work so I went to our venue for a meeting with our coordinator and caterer on Friday, March 13th. I remember talking to them about how all of their March and April events had been cancelled. And then by that Tuesday the 17th, we were headed to my parent's in Maine for almost four months.

For a while now we haven't done a whole lot of planning for the wedding. We actually noticed the other day that we hadn't updated the little wooden countdown blocks in our living room since 272 days to go... and we're now at 208! But, my mom and sister are starting to plan my bridal shower again for this June and figure out how that will work safely (and likely virtually for the most part). And then with the email from our venue last week, I'm just ready to get back into bride mode!! Ok let's be real, I never truly left it. :)

Anyways, on to today's post. For some reason, finding a dress for my shower has been super difficult for me! Even before we knew we had to postpone everything, I had tried on a few things last year and didn't love anything. I found my rehearsal dress really fast and absolutely fell in love with it online and again when it was delivered. I'm pretty sure I bought it even before I picked out my wedding dress! And, speaking of my wedding dress, it was an emotional roller coaster of a weekend picking it out but I haven't looked back at allI'm still very, very much in love with it. But for some reason, I just haven't had the same feeling about anything for my shower. There are of course tons of beautiful white dresses out there, but as someone who adores fashion, I want to be THRILLED with everything I wear for the one year I get to be a bride.

So, with all of that said it's safe to say I have scoured the internet at this point, and have stumbled across a ton of options that I thought I would share here today. The looks below (over 70 of them!) range in price from $13 to $250 (with one boho splurge at $379), but most are under $100! And, there really is something for every kind of bridal styleI think I fall in the "chic" family, myself. If you're a bride-to-be preparing for your spring or summer shower, I hope you find something you love, and it would make my day if you found it here!

For the Bride who Loves Lace

For the Romantic Bride

For the Chic Bride

For the Boho Bride

P.S. if you're also shopping for your wedding dress, check out some tips here!


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