Bridesmaid Proposal

When I thought about what goodies I wanted to gift to my bridesmaids when I asked them to be in my wedding, I knew one thing: Rifle Paper Co. would play a HUGE part.* My sister Kelly was the first person to introduce me to their stationary and products, which you can buy online or usually find at Paper Source. For years now, my sister and I have exchanged Rifle Paper Co. cards on our birthdays and have splurged on their wrapping paper for one another. If you read about the bridal shower I threw for Kelly three weeks ago, you know that Rifle played a huge part there, too!

I had been toying around with the theme of the gifts I would give my bridesmaids (beauty? stationary/planner? home goods/decor? a mix?), but it was when I was browsing the Rifle Paper Co. section of Paper Source's website when I came across these really cool cosmetic bags. I ordered them instantly and knew I would base my gifts around these beauties! Right away I loved a few things about them: they were made in partnership with LeSportsac so the quality is great, and they're a perfect washable/waterproof material. They're also a great size for fitting all sorts of travel and beauty essentials. Lastly, I loved that they are called "Best Buds" cosmetic bags (a nod to both the floral print and the recipients of the gift), and, as a bonus, two of my bridesmaids had actually given me a card for my birthday in the past with this same girl printed on it! I bought one for each girl (and myself... I didn't want to be left out!) and I couldn't help but think how all of the bags lined up in the bridal suite would make for a great photo op the morning of the wedding.

I didn't want to go too crazy on filling them since the bags themselves were a little pricey, but I did want to put a few things in there! Since I have five girls in my bridal party, buying two of these hand cream trios and two of these shea butter trios worked out really nicely. I love how pretty they are, and because there was one left over in each set, I got to treat myself. :)

The next thing I thought of was a small sample/travel size fragrance, and I ended up finding a mini Burberry Body eu de parfum on Nordstrom Rack's website (sold out now, unfortunately!). The last two things I bought for the bags were from Amazon. The first was a reusable facial washcloth, because I hear those are all the rage now for makeup removal, and the second was a hair towel. I know that last one seems a little odd, but my mom bought my sister and I Aquis hair towels a few years ago, and it totally changed my hair routine!! These things are awesome. They are way more absorbent than a regular towel, so when you take it off of your hair, it's in a much better place to be blow dried! It's also held up really well through several washes and dries. Idk. I love mine and I thought the girls would too.

Since I knew my sister already had an Aquis towel, and since she is the MOH, I left that last item out of her bag and substituted it with a plant. Ok, so it's not really a substitute, nor did it fit in the bag, but my sister LOVES plants and has such a green thumb, so I thought it would be special to buy her one for the occasion. A few weeks before I got engaged I had seen an ad on Instagram for The Sill and had pinned it as a future gift idea for her. Little did I know that pretty soon after, I would have the perfect reason to buy her a new plant baby!

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, I returned to Rifle Paper Co. for the cards (bridesmaid card here, matron of honor card here.) I just think their cards are so beautiful, and I thought they would make for really nice keepsake for each girl. (I would know-- my sister gave me the maid of honor card when she got engaged!) They're totally frame-worthy, and just an extra special touch.

Overall, I liked that these gifts were a mix of practical and luxurious (that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point), and that they had a few things the girls wouldn't have bought for themselves. I was so excited to gift these packages, and everybody loved them! I can't wait to introduce you to my bridesmaids in a future post.

*Rifle Paper Co. in no way sponsored this post. Sigh. :)


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