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My Bachelorette: Cape Cod

I think my face in the photo below honestly sums up how I felt about my entire Bachelorette Weekend. It was a dream. A little over a week ago, I had the absolutely PRIVILEGE of spending a weekend on the Cape and in Nantucket with ten of my closest girlfriends... and they out-did themselves. Every element, every surprise, and our schedule of events was tailored ever so perfectly to what they knew I would love. My sister and matron of honor, Kelly, planned the most beautiful weekend away and I truly can't stop gushing about how lucky I am to have these girls in my life. SO... shall we start from the beginning?

First, I think it would be fun to share a little bit about who I had with me on this incredible weekend!

Kelly: my big sister, matron of honor, and best friend. Emily & Caroline: Les's sisters and my future sister-in-laws! Caroline recently moved to the same town where Les and I live (yay!) and Emily came up from Philadelphia.

Sarah, Ashley & Melody: My "work" friends. The three of us used to work together, and had the best time doing it. Ashley left us first, and then Sarah (previously my boss!) left more recently for a new opportunity. Melody and I are still holding down the fort! The only star missing from this group was our dear friend Tory (another former co-worker) who was sadly busy with a move. Kiersten, Madison, Hannah & Allison: My "Boston" friends. In a way, each of us was brought together by the Northeastern Men's Rowing team! I've known Kiersten, Madison, and Allison since college because Les was on the rowing team along with Kiersten's boyfriend, Colin, Madison's boyfriend, Matt, and Allison's twin brother, Connor (all three of whom are in Les's wedding party!). Allison didn't go to Northeastern with Kiersten, Madison, and I, but we've known her throughout the years from when she would come to Boston to visit Connor. Lastly, Connor brought the WONDERFUL Hannah into our lives a few years ago when they started dating!

Now that you've met my girl gang... take a look at how they spoiled me for a weekend. :)

Mean Girls, anyone? This was the little sign outside when I pulled up at where we were staying. :)

On Friday morning, Kelly scooped up myself, Ashley, and Melody and we set out for the Cape! After about two-ish hours and a littttttle bit of traffic, we arrived at the house that the girls rented for the weekend! I was SO excited when I walked in to see first: the smiling faces of most of the other girls and second: the incredible decor.

I mean... they really went to town with the balloons, streamers, and little cut-outs of Les's face that one of my bridesmaid's fiances printed out at his office (he'll remain nameless for fear of retribution over illicit toner use). My favorite focal point was our hashtag in ballons, #shesaidLes!

This was the set-up in the master bedroom that I shared with Kelly! I brought along my favorite sun-hat (monogrammed with my marred initials!) that my mom bought me as a shower gift way back before we postponed the wedding.

The layout of the rest of the house was honestly perfect for our group. There was one more queen bedroom upstairs that Emily and Caroline shared, another room on the second floor with three twin size beds for Sarah, Ashley, and Melody, and then a split third level with two rooms that each had two twin size beds for Kiersten, Madison, Hannah, and Allison. Shout-out to my Boston friends for being troopers with the least access to the AC— you guys are the real heroes.

Once we settled in and had a little lunch (and waited for a small rain shower to pass) we headed straight to the ocean. There was a public beach just a mile down the road from our house so we all put on our new matching cover-ups and sunglasses and went for a nice little stroll!

You can't tell in the photo, but my two future SILs are pointing excitedly at the prospect of me becoming the newest Kernan girl! My cover-up says "Mrs. Kernan" on the back in a light blush script, courtesy of Ashley and her beloved Cricut machine. She also made us adorable tote-bags and custom cups!

Funny story about our group photo: we asked a nice fellow beach-goer to take it for us and while we were huddled we heard a little kid off in the distance ask, "Are they taking graduation photos?!" Close!

Another funny story from the beach, and speaking of cute little kids: these two ADORABLE sisters (maybe around ages 5 and 7?) kept wandering over to us to chat and bring us "sand cookies" that they made— you could tell they wanted to hang with the big girls! At one point their dad came over to check on them and make sure they weren't bothering us (honestly they were a delight) and he asked if we were on a bachelorette party. I raised my hand as the bride and he said to his daughters, "Do you see the girl in the white bathing suit?! She's getting married so they're having one last super hang." From that moment on, our weekend was affectionately known as a "Super Hang."

We had the best time in the sun and the sand, and gushing about the fact that after one of the rainiest Julys on record in the Boston area, we finally had a beautiful weekend when we needed it. Talk about warm water, too. P.S. my white wrap swimsuit is here!

After a few hours at the beach, we noticed a large rain cloud was rolling in (we may have jinxed the beautiful weather) so we decided that we should start walking back to the house... but not without a mini photo shoot on the boardwalk!

Sure enough, on our walk back to the house it started to rain a little, and then a lot. Good thing we were all in swimsuits! The sun never went in, though, and the rain passed just as quickly as it had come.

Once we got home, we all showered off and were excited to see that the last member of our super hang, Sarah, had arrived! We had dinner at the house (a delicious lasagna courtesy of Kelly's mother-in-law) and then started the evening's activities... and wow was I in for a treat. Ashley created a bridal jeopardy game with questions about Les, me, our wedding, our relationship, etc. which was so fitting because A) it's one of mine and Les's favorite shows and B) we had just watched Jeopardy at home right before Les proposed! Funnily enough, my team lost because I was stumped on two of the higher scoring questions about myself... I couldn't remember how many wedding dresses I had tried on, or how many "What I'm wearing Weekly" blog posts I had published to-date... whoops.

We were also treated to a video that Les made for me, where a question would come up on the screen about our relationship and I would have to answer it before playing Les's clip to see if my answer matched his. Some of the questions and his responses were hilarious, but most were honestly SO sweet that by the end, the entire group was bawling. That isn't an exaggeration... I have video proof. Honestly, I'll treasure Les's video forever and it meant so much to me that he put as much thought into it as he did. He's just the best.

Thankfully, to liven up the mood again, Melody had coordinated a surprise Taylor Swift karaoke night!

Each girl changed into an outfit that represented Taylor Swift from a different era/album and performed a song off of that album karaoke-style! I was supplied with a tie-dye dress and pink faux fur coat a la "Lover," but for my song I defaulted to my all time favorite, "Blank Space," from her 1989 album.

I was honestly so impressed by the level of commitment to each girl's outfit! Special shout-out to Madison who procured a snake necklace for her routine off the Reputation album. There are PLENTY more photos and videos from karaoke, but in an effort to preserve these friendships, I think I'll just keep those to myself. :)

Day one was so incredibly special and we all went to sleep so excited for day two and to head to Nantucket! More on that soon. :)

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