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Portraits from our Charleston Honeymoon

And just like that, we've been married for almost two weeks! Our wedding on September 4th was truly the best day of my life. It was everything Les and I had hoped for (and well worth the wait). It was just an incredible party with our closest family and friends and we had the time of our lives. And shortly after that, we headed down to Charleston, SC for our week-long honeymoon! I'm still catching up on sleepwe did a wholeeee lot while we were there and I can't wait to share all the detailsbut I just couldn't wait to share these photos in particular.

When my sister and her husband got married, our wedding gift to them was a photo-shoot on their honeymoon in France with the company Flytographer. They match you with a local photographer in hundreds of cites around the world to capture professional photos of your trip. Naturally, and knowing how much I love a good couple's shoot, Kelly and Tom were kind enough to gift the same incredible keepsake to Les and I! On the fourth day of our trip, we woke up early and met a local Charleston photographer, Kelsey, right in the French Quarter where we were staying and captured just the most beautiful photos of the scenery (and of course our beaming newlywed faces). The soft color palette in these photos had me swooning as soon we we got them back, and I just love that we have such amazing pictures to compliment the several amateur iPhone shots that we took ourselves throughout the week. These will be so, so nice to look back on and to remind us of how beautiful the trip really was. Here are our favorites from the shoot!

I can't say enough positive things about our experience with Flytographer and with Kelsey, in particular! The entire booking process was SO easy and also super flexible we had originally booked our shoot for Thursday morning (the third day of our Honeymoon) but when we looked at the weather on Wednesday afternoon, it wasn't looking so great. I messaged Kelsey and we agreed to push the shoot to Friday, which turned out to be the right choice because there was more or less a monsoon in the city that began in the early hours of Thursday! All in all, a sensational trip and wedding gift. I've already ordered prints of our favorite photos to make a gallery wall in our apartment! If you're interested in booking with Flytographer for yourself or as a gift, use my link and my code "LISAKERNAN" and you'll save $25!

Lastly, and coming soon, I can't wait to share more from our honeymoon and wedding. So long from the newly minted Mrs. Kernan!

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