What's on my Christmas Wishlist

Truth be told, Christmas is my favorite time of yearI love everything about it: the movies, the music, the lights, treats and general festiveness. But in particular, I absolutely love to give gifts. I revel in shopping for the perfect present for someone and wrapping it up just right. This year will of course be much different, without the large family gatherings and parties. And, I would have normally been picking up gifts throughout the better part of this year as I spotted them out shopping. But, it looks like all of our shopping will happen online this year I'll definitely miss venturing out and coming home with presents to wrap, but I guess packages on the doorstep will do. :)

Anyways...why is it that whenever someone puts you on the spot and asks what you want for your birthday or the holidays, nothing comes to mind. And yet on any given day throughout the year, you have eight online shopping carts filled with things you'd love to spoil yourself with? Or is that just me...

It's in that vein that I thought I would share what's on my Christmas wishlist this year! Hopefully this gives you a few ideas if you're stumped on what to ask for, or maybe even what to gift yourself in the spirit of adding a little extra cheer to your 2020. Happy shopping! P.S. Can you tell that I plan to go back into hibernation mode this winter with the cookbooks, puzzles, and cozy clothes? ;)


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