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Encore Shoot

As I'm writing this we are exactly TWO WEEKS from the wedding day! Ah! It's starting to feel so so real. Les and I have been running around the past few weeks doing some wedding-related errands, but perhaps the most fun outing we had recently was to meet our photographer, Sam, on Newbury Street in Boston for what I'm calling our "Encore Shoot."

In Spring of 2020 when Les and I made the decision to postpone our wedding, we also made the decision to find a new photographer, or in the case of Sam a new photography team! We were so excited when we found her and Mike and we were thrilled that they would be the ones to capture our wedding day. Their wedding photography package included an engagement shoot, and at first I asked if we could remove that from the bundle because we had already taken engagement photos with our original photographer. Sam let us know that part of the reason they like to do engagement shoots with their couples is so that they can get to know them before the wedding day, teach their couples a few key poses, and make sure everyone is comfortable around one another. In the end, I'm really happy that we decided to do this "encore shoot" for so many reasons.

Obviously it left us with some INCREDIBLE photos and some updated shots to add to our guest book but perhaps more importantly, the photos that we ended up with were ones that I had always wanted. We had shared our vision with our first photographer of shooting right in the city on Newbury Street because that's where Les and I spent so much time during college when we first started dating. She didn't quite get it, though, in terms of why we would want to shoot in a city setting where there would be cars and other people. The funny thing is that our favorite photo from the shoot with Sam (and what I think is a real show-stopper, see if you can pick it out of this post!) is very much a city scene. And I love it. Sam really "got" Les and I and what we wanted. Seriously I went through the gallery and put a heart on almost every photo.

Oh... one more thing. The week before we took these photos, Les and I were in Tiffany's dropping off our wedding bands to be engraved. While we were there we mentioned to our sales associate, Sheryl, that we would be back on Newbury Street the following Saturday with our photographer, and Sheryl asked if we wanted to shoot inside Tiffany's. Um.... yes?! The funny thing is that we spent an hour leisurely walking down Newbury taking photos, and then JUST as we were about to go inside Tiffany's, it started to pour. It only lasted for maybe ten or twelve minutes, but my hair was a little worse for wear after. :) Still, such an incredible experience.

SO, without further ado, here are just a FEW of the photos that we loved from our Encore Shoot! (And by a few I mean around 40? I seriously loved them all.)

Photos by Samantha & Mike Photography

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