Europe Throwback Part 2: Salzburg

Happy Monday! This day last year, we were enjoying our first full day in France during our European road trip! If you missed it, you can read all our time in Nice, Monaco, and Lake Como in part 1 of my recap. Today, I'm really excited to share part two and the next stop on our trip: Salzburg. This city is truly captivating.

As I said in my last post, this was my first time in Europe. That said, Salzburg is now my favorite city I've ever visited. It was just so cool... the history, the architecture; I was really happy we went there.

We got into Salzburg after our drive from Lake Como around dinner time, so we checked into our hotel and then headed out to find a spot to eat. Four Americans walk into an Irish pub in Austria...

After dinner, we were pretty beat so we headed back to the hotel and went to bed.

The next morning, we couldn't wait to get into the heart of the city and see the sights. This was a shot I took in our hotel lobby-- how cute are these bikes? If we were feeling a bit more adventurous we would have rented them... but the weather was chilly and a little drizzly (the theme of the first half of our trip). Nonetheless, that didn't stop us from exploring as much as we could of what Salzburg has to offer!

Fun fact: this particular day was my parent's 32nd wedding anniversary! We actually also celebrated my mom's birthday in the air flying from Boston to London at the start of our trip. Les and I had such a good time with them on this adventure, and I hope we're half as happy as they are 30 years from now and experiencing the world together. :)

We started the morning walking along the River Salzach. There are historic districts on both sides of the river, but the side that we're facing here (and opposite from where we're standing) had the most incredible mansions. We spent most of our time, though, in what's considered the museum district.

One of the first things we did was take a tram up to the Hohensalzburg Fortress (the "High Salzburg Fortress"). First construction of the fortress began in 1077... how cool is that. It was amazing to imagine what was housed inside all of the huge stone rooms, and the views from the top were stunning (including the first picture in this post).

You can see our view from the "Festungsbahn" funicular train that we took up to the fortress in this picture below, and what the train looks like from the outside in the next one.

I wish I took more pictures from the inside of the fortress because it was honestly one of the coolest structures I've ever been in. Just to think about how it was built on top of this hill... it's incredible. We learned that the only time the fortress saw action was during a peasant uprising in the 16th century, so that explains why it's still standing in such amazing condition. It was very, very cool to get even a brief glimpse into medieval life in Europe.

One of the pictures I did grab in the fortress was of this marionette exhibit that was set up inside one of the rooms. Any Sound of Music fans out there?! A large portion of the movie was filmed in Salzburg so there are a lot of really fun spots to check out in the city relating to the film and the Von Trapp family. I'm not going to lie... these puppets were a little freaky.

Rather than take the tram back down to the bottom, we opted to walk in order to see more of the sights on the way down. From there, we worked up a pretty good appetite and headed across the river for a traditional beirgarten! Les could not WAIT to get himself some wienerschnitzel, and he was not disappointed.

After lunch, we headed back across the river to walk around some of the shops. My very favorite keepsake from this trip is my hand-painted egg Christmas ornament. My mom and I were in complete awe inside this shop. It was filled with hundreds of delicate and beautifully decorated eggshells depicting all sorts of intricate illustrations. Here's a shot I found on the store's website.

We had a really hard time picking our eggs, but in the end my mom and I chose the same one. It says "Fröhliche Weihnachten," or Merry Christmas in German. Simple and so special. And, don't worry, they made it back to the states (miraculously) in one piece!

After the shop, and after struggling with our map for a bit, we tracked down the house that Mozart was born in! Unfortunately the museum inside was just closing so we didn't get to look around too much, but it was still pretty surreal to be standing on the street and the steps that Mozart once walked.

Cross that off the bucket list! We wandered around more of the city's historic squares, and stumbled across this street performer. See if you recognize what she's playing...

Once again, if you're a fan of the Sound of Music you'll recognize "Edelweiss." It was such a mesmerizing way to end our tour of the city.

The last spot we wanted to hit before heading back to the hotel, and leaving Salzburg the next morning, was the Red Bull Hangar-7 just outside the city. More than anything, I'd say this was to appease the guys after they endured a few hours of my mom and I popping in and out of the of city's shops to buy souveniers.

Les was loving all of the stunt planes and cars, fighter jets, and race cars. His favorite was the Land Rover he’s peaking at... mine was this tiny plane that I thought would be perfect for Nestlie.

The coolest part about the hanger, though, were the upscale restaurants, lounges, and bars on the suspended upper floors. We chose the "Mayday" bar, and Les enjoyed his cocktail named for the Hangar-7: Red Bull, vodka, raspberry, and lemon.

Cheers to an incredible time in Salzburg! The next day, we headed out for wine country to finish up our trip with a fantastic wedding. The last, and most stunning recap, to come...


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