Favorite Gifts I've Received

Good morning! Last week, in honor of birthday month, I shared some of my favorite presents that I've given to others. This week, I thought I'd share some of my favorite gifts I've received! Hopefully this provides a few more creative ideas for the next time you're looking for the perfect present.

First up is I think my favorite preset I've ever been given...

Coordinates Necklace

For my 22nd birthday, Les gave me a necklace he ordered on Etsy with the coordinates of where we first met in Boston. On the back, he inscribed the date that we met and a sweet note. I love the simplicity of this necklace and that I can wear it all the time, but more than that I love that it marks the place and date that changed our lives forever. This was such a sweet, sweet surprise and a piece that I'll truly treasure forever.

kate spade Bridal Planner

This planner would actually fall under favorite gifts I've given and received! When Les's sister Caroline got engaged, and when my sister got engaged last year, I knew I wanted to give each of them this planner (it comes in a few different designs). More than being a helpful way to stay organized while planning a wedding, it also makes a really nice keepsake that lists all of the details from your special day. So when Les and I got engaged, I was so very excited that my sister, and my matron of honor, gifted me this planner. Truthfully, if she hadn't I would have bought it myself. :) But, it is much more special having come from my sister. It has pockets for safe keeping of mementos or even business cards for vendors, and pages to paste in inspiration that I clip out of magazines. Kelly and I had so much fun starting to work on her planner right after she got engaged, and I can't wait to work on mine.

kate spade Coffee Table Book

There seems to be a theme here... For my birthday a few years ago, Kelly and Tom gave me this kate spade coffee table book, "Things We Love." Personally, I absolutely love getting books as gifts, whether they're novels to read or more for display and paging through like this one. Specifically, I think coffee table books make great gifts when they feature a subject matter you know the person you're giving it to loves. "Things We Love" is filled with all sorts of style and color inspiration, and it looks so very darling in my closet stacked up with a few of my other favorite books! This one seems like an obvious next addition to my collection... :)

Art Prints

I shared that I love giving prints as gifts, so it's no surprise that I love receiving them as well! A few of my favorites? After we got back from our trip to Europe last May, my parents and Kelly & Tom both gave me special prints to commemorate the trip. Kelly and Tom gave me this beautiful Monaco print from Rifle Paper Co. It's framed on my dresser to look at every morning when I get ready.

For my birthday that same year, my parents gave me this print of Salzburg that my mom and I had custom framed. It now hangs in our bedroom, and I love that the artist has done other cities in the same treatment so we could potentially add to our collection later on! This piece will forever be a beautiful way to commemorate such an incredible trip with my parents.

Lastly, Les's sister Emily gave us this ADORABLE portrait of Nestlie for Christmas a few years ago. A friend of hers painted it from a photograph and I absolutely love it. There are a lot of artists on Etsy that create custom pet portraits and I think it's such a wonderful gift.

Flowers & Plants

This may seem obvious, but there is almost nothing better than getting a beautiful bouquet of flowers to brighten your space for a special occasion, especially when they have been picked out specifically for you. This particular bouquet was a gift from my sister when I graduated college... over three years ago and I still remember them to this day. The bouquet featured peonies, my favorite, and ranunculuses, Kelly's favorite! My mom also never disappoints with a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to me on my birthday if I'm not with her. Flowers are guaranteed to make me smile!

Something else that makes me smile to this day? This mini pineapple plant that my mom gave me a few years ago! It used to sit on the windowsill in my old office, and now it sits in the window above our bed. And while it hasn't sprouted any additional mini pineapples, it's still a beautiful plant. I love that it's the gift that keeps on giving because I've watered it and tended to it for years, and that it makes me think of my mom whenever I'm caring for it.

The Perfect Accessory

In my opinion, the perfect accessory is something that we tend not to buy for ourselves. I'm not talking about an everyday bag or casual scarf, but I mean the extra special kind that you pull out of your closet every once in a while to add the absolute perfect touch to an ensemble. So, if we're not going to splurge on something for ourselves that we'll only use now and then, it means that these sorts of treats and can be the perfect present. This is the case with the Hermes Twilly that Les's sister Caroline gave me when I graduated college. Such a thoughtful, luxurious, versatile, and memorable gift. Just the other day I sent her a picture of my twilly wrapped around my purse handle and let her know that I think of her whenever I accessorize with it. In addition to adorning my bags, I've also worn it in my hair, around my wrist, and around my neck. I love to make a statement with the bright fuchsia and orange colors! I keep it clean and safely tucked away in the box it came in, and every time I untie the ribbon and pull out my twilly it's like getting a present all over again.

Another example is this kate spade clutch that Les gave me for my birthday one year. It's one of those patterns that I absolutely fell in love with when kate spade debuted it, but I also knew I wouldn't be able to use a bag in this pattern everyday. So when Les gave me this convertible clutch, I knew it would be something special that I could pull from my closet to complete an outfit. The perfect occasion? The black tie wedding of one of Les's good friends a few years ago. I LOVED carrying this with my two-piece gown, and being able to share that it was a gift from Les whenever I was complimented. :) (Surprisingly, you can score this clutch from Walmart for $100 right now! Hurry- only three left!!)

There are many, many other gifts from loved ones and friends that I treasure, but hopefully these few highlights gave you a little inspiration, whether to add to your own wishlist or to gift to a special lady in your life. Thanks for stopping bye!


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