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Five Minute Makeup

This post is going to be SUPER out of my comfort zone because the truth is I'm not an expert on makeup, nor am I any sort of "natural" with it. I didn't really start wearing anything besides a little bronzer until my sister taught me how to apply foundation, blush, and mascara when I was in college. Now, anything I buy is at the advice of her (thanks Kelly) and my friends Melody (who probably taught me what contour even means) and Allison, who is a skin care guru. I did share a post last year with the products that I use, and actually the majority of them haven't changed. But, I have stepped up my skin care game and have experimented a little bit with contouring and highlighting.

I have my new little routine down pat, and it's super easy to do, so I thought it might be fun to share in case someone out there is like me and has no clue where to start! This is the first video I've ever put up here so uhhhh don't judge me. While we're on the subject, if you're a makeup artist or any sort of professional, do yourself a favor and just don't watch this. I'm sure you'll cringe at me using my little finger to apply my highlighter... and the fact that I am not fully blended at the end of this. About halfway through I could see my camera battery blinking so I kind of rushed through blending & you can see me trying to fix it haha. Ok, enough self deprecation and caveats... first the video and then all the products that I hastily held up!

One thing I wanted to note is what my skin is like naturally, in case that's helpful. For one thing, I have something called Seborrhoeic dermatitis, which I inherited from my dad (that and his stubbornness). It leaves me with kind of flaky dry patches of skin that can also be really red, and it shows up primarily around my eyebrows and edges of my nose. Even though it's not really a dry-skin condition, per say, it does flare up in the winter, and also with stress. How fun is that?! So I use a prescription cream called ketoconazole to treat it.

Besides that, my skin is pretty mild and I'm lucky to not really have any acne or blackhead issues, but I do have an oily t-zone (can anyone else hear Ross from Friends in their head right now?), especially my forehead. You'll notice that because of this, most of the products I use have some sort of "matte" or "mattifying" property to help reduce shine, like my primer and CC cream. I'm incredibly loyal to my daily moisturizer, in particular, because it took me a while to find one that didn't feel like it added a ton of extra oil to my skin. It's actually water-based (instead of oil) which helps a ton. And, it's SPF 45 so it's a nice daily protection.

Here are all of the products I use:

First (& not shown in my video): face wash & toner. This is the face wash I use, and then I apply this toner from Murad and dab it all over my face, chin, and neck with a round cotton pad. I do that at night after I've washed my face, and then in the morning before I start with the rest of the products I show in the video, which are below in the order I used them!

Moisturizer | Matte Rescue Primer | Concealer | CC Cream | Setting Powder | Bronzer |

Blush & Highlighter Palette | Mascara | Eyebrow Gel

I didn't actually apply the eyebrow gel here, but it gives me a nice thick brow for a more fun style if I'm going out. Side-note, I haven't had my eyebrows waxed in at least a year, so please excuse their lack of definition. :)

I tend to buy all of my products at Sephora because I love their rewards system, and they have such a large variety. The exceptions here are the Cheekleader palette from Benefit which seems to be out of stock or no longer carried by Sephora (you can find a similar one here, or the exact palette I used on HSN). And then the setting powder that I use is from Thrive Cosmetics, and my mascara you can find anywhere like CVS or Target. I've tried other setting powders, as well as other mascaras, and I keep coming back to these!

Anyways, I hope this was fun! And, if you have any questions about anything I used, or tips and/or products you think I should check out, definitely drop a comment below. Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

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