Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! After such a sunny week, I'm bummed to say that this weekend isn't looking so hot, but here's a few Friday favorites to keep us going!

1. Ring Bandit Bracelet

Mark Zuckerberg of course clued into the fact that I got engaged right away (because the Internet is a creepy place these days), so almost immediately I started getting targeted ads for all things bridal. One of those ads was on Instagram for this product called Ring Bandit that you wear around your wrist and stash your ring inside a small zippered pocket. I thought this was genius! After we took my ring in for re-sizing, our ring lady (I feel like I'm going to be talking about her a decent amount so I'll just introduce you: her name is Sheryl, and we love her) spent time telling me all about the times that I shouldn't wear my ring and when I should be extra careful. For example, any type of grip-strength activities like weight-lifting, rowing, or yoga where you're putting a lot of pressure on your hands is risky because the band could warp over time.

Enter Ring Bandit! This way I don't have to store the ring in a gym bag or somewhere it could get lost or stolen, and I can keep it super close to me. It's functional, it's comfortable, and it's stylish (in an athleisure sort of way). Some of my co-workers know that I'm a sucker for targeted ads... and boy do they work sometimes. (Note: they weren't on Kickstarter when I bought mine, but it looks like that's the only way to get one right now. In my opinion, they're worth backing!)

2. kate spade Cat Ring Dish

Normally I'm a dog person, but this cat ring dish had me at "meow." (I apologize for that). I had been looking for a ring dish since getting engaged to put next to our kitchen sink for when I'm washing dishes, but nothing had caught my eye. Les and I were walking through the Prudential Center in Boston on our way to meet some friends on St. Patrick's Day and, lucky me, we were running a little early. Why not kill some time at kate spade? ("So that you don't spend money, that's why," said Les). I spotted this ring dish in the accessories section and knew it was perfect for our kitchen. The white marble matches our countertops and it's just whimsical enough for my taste! Les advised that I not buy it right then so that I wasn't carrying it around all night, so I ordered it online the next day. Jokes on us though, because our friend Colin brought us an engagement present that night so I ended up walking around all night with a gift bag anyways. Thanks Colin!!! (But for real, thanks Colin that was really really sweet of you).

3. Rifle Paper Co x Corkcicle Tumbler

I bought this a few months ago and I've used it almost every weekday since. This insulted tumbler was made in partnership with Corkcicle and it keeps my tea warm for hours. I boil my water in the morning using an electric kettle, pour it in my tumbler with a little honey and my tea, and it's still super hot well into the afternoon. I really like to sip my tea throughout the whole morning, plus I prefer my drinks like coffee or tea almost dangerously hot (I get this from my mama), so this is perfect for me. It isn't dishwasher safe, although I do stick the top in there from time to time, but it cleans really easily.

4. Skyn Iceland Eye Cream

I first heard about and tried this eye cream after receiving a really small sample in the mail with an online Nordstrom order, and I loved it. It's super soothing and cooling. The best way to describe it is that it makes the area under my eyes look so much more awake, bright, and fresh (my English major self is hating those repetitive adjectives, but I just think they're really accurate in this case). A few months went by before I actually bought myself some because the price is no joke! But Ulta had it on sale for half-off the other week and I jumped on it. I will say that it's worth the splurge in my opinion (plus you use just a tiny amount each day so it will last a long time), but keep your fingers crossed for another sale soon! Right now you can get it for 45.00 from either Ulta or Amazon.

5. T3 Cura Hair Dryer

My mom will kill me when she sees this (and how much I spent on my hair dryer), but I've been using this for five months now and the reviews are true: it really is a game-changer. As someone who dries her hair after every shower, I was spending a decent part of my morning using my blow dryer. My hair is pretty thick, and it would take me ages to get it 100% dry so that I could then straighten it (which, again, I do after almost every shower-- I know, it's horrible). This dryer cut my dry time in half and it really does eliminate frizz which was another huge issue of mine. Plus, it's reallyyyyy lightweight compared to other dryers I've had in the past, which makes it a lot easier to hold and to handle. For something I use almost every day, I think it's important that it does the job right. Added bonus? It comes in the ever-so-trendy millennial pink color that's like a magnet for women my age. (Mom, if you're mad, borrow my dryer one time and then we'll talk)!!

That wraps up Friday favorites, and the week! Have a great weekend!!


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