Friday Favorites

When I first started drafting this post earlier this week, this Friday Favorites graphic felt particularly appropriate because the weather was supposed to be rainy and grey all week. But thankfully it took a turn for the better! Here’s hoping for some weekend sun, too. Ok, Friday favorites this week are...

1. Patio Living

If you follow me on Instagram and you've been watching my stories, you're probably sick of hearing about our patio. Especially because it's pretty tiny, and really nothing all that spectacular. But, after living in Boston for 6 years without our own outdoor space, and then living on a busy road for a year when we first moved up to the North Shore, we're just so excited to have somewhere we can sit outside in the sun and at night. Nestlie and I, in particular, spent almost the entire weekend last week out there enjoying the warmth and some fresh air after a pretty cold winter. The lounge set is from Wayfair (an early birthday present from our parents!), the rug is from Target, and the decorative pillow and string lights are from Amazon. What we like most about this set is that you can rearrange it to either be one big sectional, or a love seat and a chair. If you need me, this is where I'll be all summer.

2. Mark and Graham Bedford Convertible Backpack

This beauty was a gift from Les (I think for Christmas) two years ago but I wanted to share it today because I just pulled it back out for spring. So many things to love about this bag!! The Camel colored leather is beautiful, it's soft, and it goes with everything. Plus, it fits a ton of stuff! I use it primarily as a backpack, but you can also carry it as a shoulder bag which is pretty cool. This was my "personal item" bag when we went to Europe and it was perfect for fitting my iPad and other essentials for the plane. It would actually fit my laptop, too. And, as we all know by now, I love a good backpack. Side-note, and a sweet detail: Les had this bag monogrammed with my future initials since he knew I'd want to use it well into the future!

3. (Not Very) Greek Salad

I said this last week, but this will never be a food blog. Even still, here I am two weeks in a row with a recipe to share (if you can even really call this a recipe)! I'm calling it "Not Very Greek Salad" because it's really not Greek, or a salad, but it's super easy to make and I've been making a big bowl of it on Sundays and then taking it every other day for lunch. So what's in it?

-Mini cucumbers

-Chopped red, orange, and yellow bell peppers

-Cherry tomatoes (halved)

-Medium black olives (See? Not really Greek because I hate Greek olives)

-Chopped red onion.

I also bring a tablespoon or so of feta cheese to sprinkle on top, but I leave it off until just before I eat it so it doesn't get soggy. Lastly, I usually add a little bit of olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette, but there have been days where I've forgotten to pack my dressing and it still tastes great on its own. It's quick, it's easy, and it's actually a super refreshing lunch. "Bone app the teeth," as the kids are saying these days.

4. kate spade Lemon Tumbler

I shared the Rifle Paper Co. x Corkcicle tumbler I use for my tea two weeks ago, so I thought I'd keep that theme going and share this tumbler that I keep on my desk at work for water. I'm notorious for not drinking enough water. This is partly because I prefer to have something with flavor when I have a meal (yes, I know flavored water is a thing. I jumped on the La Croix bandwagon hard), and it's also partly because I'm incredibly lazy about getting up to get a drink of water. Ever since my old office job, I found that I'm much more likely to sip on some water if it's in a cup with a straw. Is that sad? It's just that much more accessible to me if I don't have to remove and replace a lid. Plus, this one brightens up my desk, and speaks to my obsession with lemons (I love the way they look, the way they taste, the way they smell... I love lemons). My office-mate/work wife Ashley is more of a strawberry gal, so I surprised her with this one one day.

5. American Idol

This is a very random Friday favorites, so why not end it with the most random, new fact about me. I have never watched American Idol... until this season. It's been on for 17 years... since I was 8 years old!! And for some reason I just started watching it a few weeks ago. I think I was waiting for Les to finish studying one night and then we were going to start a movie so I turned the TV on to kill some time, and I started watching the auditions for this season. And now I'm hooked. I have my favorites (Margie Mays, who was sadly sent home after the top 40, Ashley Hess, and Laine Hardy) and I'm fully invested. It's also funny to me that, individually, I've never been a follower of any of the three judges (Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan) but I love the three of them together. Bring it on, season 17.


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