Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, everyone! Les has his exam this weekend so we'll be in Boston for the night tonight and then I'm sure we'll be having a much deserved (on his part) drink Saturday night. After that, we're looking forward to getting our summer back!

1. Framebridge

You've probably see an ad for Framebridge online somewhere, and if you've wondered about the process and quality I'm here to tell you both are great! I've had three photos framed through Framebridge so far, and we have one more on the way to us of another black and white engagement photo to hang near this one. I loveee the beaded look of this particular frame (called the Hudson) and, while the three photos I'll have in this frame all hang on different walls, I loved that we could turn them into a gallery wall in the future and have all the frames look uniform. You simply upload your photo and then page through how it would look in different color and styled frames. You can choose different mat options, too. In keeping with the theme from Monday's post, I think a gift card to Framebridge is always a great present, too. There's nothing better than having a favorite photo custom-framed for a fraction of the price it could cost to take it to a shop. I wish I didn't forget on two recent projects that they'll also frame artwork when you mail it in, too!

2. Italian Shoemakers Sandals

I mentioned these sandals sort of off-hand a while back when I was featuring a summer dress, but I thought they were worth spot-lighting themselves now that sandal season in in full-swing. Friends, I promise you that if you buy these sandals they will be the most comfortable pair of shoes you own. The pair I have are from a few seasons ago so they're almost identical to this, except there isn't a break in the elastic fabric on top like there is in these (here they are in white and black). I bought them right before we went to Europe and I wore them almost every day of our trip. The bottoms are made of super soft leather and they're very cushioned, while the top is a stretchy fabric making them ideal for a lot of walking. This is the only pair of Italian Shoemakers shoes I own, but I have to imagine their other styles are just as comfortable (like these and these... how cute!). You can find this brand at DSW, too! I'm usually a 6.5, but it looks like I bought these in a 6 and they fit perfectly.

3. Trespassing by Brandi Reeds

In 2018, I read over 27 books. I used to keep track of them all and write down the titles in my planner, but for some reason I stopped last September. I thought it would be fun to recommend a good summer read, but the problem I ran into is I actually haven't loved any of the books I've read lately. And, on top of that, when I tried to dig further back I realized how unhelpful the two or three word reviews I left for myself were (like "LOVED!" or "annoying/rushed ending"). So I started to look up a few of the books I read last year on Amazon to jog my memory, but even re-reading the summaries didn't help. I tend to read a lot of Gone Girl style books, so at some point they started to blend together. But, that said, I immediately remembered Trespassing by Brandi Reeds, which I read in March 2018 and gave 4.5 stars. It's definitely one that hooks you from the beginning when the main character's husband doesn't return home from a business trip, and his young daughter, much to her mom's horror, is convinced he's dead. Even though I read it curled up on the couch in March, I think it would make a great fast-paced beach read this summer! That said, if anyone else has any book recommendations, leave them below!! Looking for a few reads this summer. :)

4. Tulip Tree Lane in Darien, CT

The other day, one of my family's former neighbors from Connecticut sent us a picture of the house I grew up in (pictured above) and it looked completely different! So, needles to say, I got a little nostalgic and emotional. It's not the that house looked bad-- the new family that lives there white-washed the brick and painted the shutters and door a light blue-- but it just isn't my house. Les took this picture when Kelly and I went to say goodbye to the house before my parents sold it, about two years ago, after owning it for 21 years. I can't believe it's been that long since my parent's moved to Maine! My bedroom was in the front of the house-- the second set of windows from the right. This house, and Tulip Tree Lane in particular, was such an amazing place to grow up. All of the families on our street had kids my age so there ways always someone to play four-square or man-hunt with. Our town was quaint and quiet and right on the Long Island Sound, so I grew up with my mom taking Kelly and I to the beach in the summer, and my dad taking us out on the boat on the weekends. I think about how lucky I was all the time, and I wish I had just one more summer of being a kid there. I do absolutely love their place in Maine, and that it's closer to where I live now, but I'll always miss this house.

5. My Dad

What better time to brag about/share a little bit about my dad than right before Father's Day?! My dad, Scott, is one of the smartest people I know... almost to a fault because he's always right. Even when you think he's wrong, he's right. He also can fix absolutely anything, from a lamp, to a refrigerator, to a broken bracelet, to a car. I've always really admired that about him, and how he's very hands-on around the house. They say that girls look to marry a guy like their dad, and I definitely found that quality in Les, too.

On top of that, if our family had a "class clown" it would be my dad. He's always making us laugh, and my sister and I frequently quote some of his most-used lines. He studied electrical engineering in college, worked in finance as an analyst (again, just like Les), and now spends his time sailing and working on my parent's house and land in Maine. He keeps our family active and adventurous, is SUPER psyched to finally have some guys in the family with both Kelly and I getting married, and absolutely adores Nestlie. He really is the best. Happy Father's Day to you, Dad. :)

That's all for this week. Send positive vibes to Les... we won't know how he did for a few months (waiting is the hardest part) but either way I'm SO proud of how hard he's worked. Have a great weekend, everyone!


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