Friday Favorites

1. Tropical Bride Towel

How cute is this towel?! Ashley and Sarah gave this to me for my birthday last week-- the first thing I have with "bride" on it (except for a pair of pjs I couldn't help but grab on my way out of Kohls a few weeks ago). Love that it's a circle, love the tasseled edge, and love the tropical print! These girls nailed it. Read more about them on my Bridesmaid Reveal!

2. Bantam Hibiscus Mint Cider

Something else they gifted me? A four pack of this limited release Hibiscus Mint cider from Bantam. Friends, it is bright pink... but boy is it good. If you like a good mojito, you would probably love this. The mint is SUPER refreshing. I'm all about trying a new cider so this was such a great gift! The only downside, again, is that it is limited release. Ashley scooped this up at Whole Foods and I'm hoping it sticks around for a little while longer!

3. Fully Loaded Yeti Bucket

Because I'm sharing a few of my birthday gifts, I thought that I would also share this awesome present that Kelly & Tom gave Les for his birthday! The Yeti Fully Loaded 5 Gallon about a manly gift. This thing can be used for anything; storing tools, taking fishing, bringing gear on the boat, at the beach as a cooler, as a stool, as a seat... Les even wanted to give Nestlie a bath in it the other night. If you're looking for the perfect gift for the active guy in your life, definitely check it out!

4. Engagement Photos Chatbook

I've shared my love for Chatbooks before, but look what finally came in the mail! Our engagement photos Chatbook. I had so much fun matching up pictures for each spread in the book, and it's such a nice way to display all of our favorites! If you missed my post when we first got our photos back, check it out here to see some up close!

5. Kindle Paperwhite

Does anyone else take advantage of Amazon's First Reads? As members of Amazon Prime, we get an email on the first of every month with a few books to choose a free e-book from. This month, I chose What you Did by Claire McGowan, returning to my guilty pleasure of thriller/mystery what-did-the-husband-do books. Les and I spent the day at the beach yesterday where I read most of it, and finished it off last night! The funny thing is, until the very end I had planned to share the book as part of my Friday Favorites... but a few things in the epilogue actually really put me off and sort of ruined the book for me!

So instead, I thought I would just gush about my Kindle Paperwhite, especially as Amazon Prime Day is just around the corner. I bought mine on Prime day last July and haven't looked back. I love that it's backlit so I can keep reading without having a light one when Les is trying to sleep. It also fits perfectly in my purse and is lightweight for reading while laying down. I used to haul my iPad around to read e-books-- even to the beach-- but this is so much easier. Definitely scope one out for yourself on Prime Day, and sign up for Amazon First Reads!

I hope everyone had a great fourth of July and is enjoying some time off, hopefully spent in the sun! We're headed up to Maine today to my parent's place where more of our family will join us. A perfect way to end our mini vacation. :)


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