Friday Favorites

It's been a while since I did a true Friday Favorites! Things have been a little crazy around here gearing up for my sister's wedding in LESS THAN A MONTH!!!! But I've got a few things to share today.

1. Kelly's Last Sail before the Veil

Speaking of Kelly's wedding, I'm still reminiscing about her bachelorette party a few weeks ago and the INCREDIBLE surprise we pulled off for her. If you missed it, be sure to check out Parts One and Two of our unforgettable weekend in (and getting to!) Martha's Vineyard.

2. Headbands!

If you saw my last What I'm Wearing Weekly, or have seen me on any given day in the past few weeks, you'd know that I'm on a bit of a headband kick! For one, on mornings when I'm rushing and don't have time to dry and style my hair (or if the weather is going to make it pointless to do so) I can pop a thick headband in my hair and let my curls dry naturally around it. It keeps them out of my face and makes me look a bit more put together. It also does the same for my second day hair! The ones I've picked up have been from Anthropologie and Etsy, but I've seen some pretty cute ones on Amazon too! The white one that I linked to from Anthropologie also comes in a ton of other colors.

3. Jessica Simpson Mystie Sandal

About a week or so ago, I was on the hunt for a new pair of heels to wear in Kelly's wedding. Here's what I knew I wanted:

1) Something comfortable because I'll be in them from when we start taking pictures through the ceremony and reception.

2) Nothing too tall (see number 1).

3) A block heel because the ceremony is in grass.

4) A blush color.

5) Something I would wear again.

First, I found these on clearance at Sole Society, and in hindsight probably shouldn't have bought them because I'm not sure they ticked box number 5. Regardless, I could not get them off my feet fast enough after trying them on. The were so hard to get on, and super tight around the toes. So I sent them back and went online to DSW. That's where i found these Jessica Simpson heels. I headed to my local store to try them on, and I'm in love! The tie detail is super sweet, they're comfortable, and only 2 3/4" tall. They also come in three other colors. I can't wait to wear these next month!

4. Crossfit

I want to make a vow right now that I'm not going to become one of those people always talking and posting about Crossfit... but I did want to share this. After college, Les and I both settled into a routine of not being as active as we once were and ordering takeout/eating generally unhealthy. The past year and a half or so, I've tried a BUNCH of different workout and health regiments to try and find something that I love and am motivated to stick to: barre, spin, yoga, running, Body Boss, Weight Watchers-- nothing was really leaving me excited and feeling like I was making progress toward a healthier lifestyle. I think all of these things failed me because I was the only one keeping myself accountable. Realizing that we're only a year out from our wedding, and only four years away from our thirties, both Les and I decided that we wanted to start some good habits now before we feel like we have more things (or excuses) in our lives that will prevent us from doing so. So on July 1, we reached out to a friend of a friend who owns a Crossfit gym in town and after two trial classes, we officially joined.

We're still getting into the rhythm of going on a consistent basis (getting up for a 5:30 AM class isn't the easiest habit to start), but after a month and a half we're both still really excited by it! I just thought this was worth sharing because if you're like me, what you've heard and seen about Crossfit makes it seem super intimidating. I have never ever lifted weights before, or done nearly any of the things I've done in the time we've been going. But at least where Les and I go, the coaches-- and the other members-- are so willing to work with us, teach us, and scale the workouts appropriately for us beginners. I've heard the same, too, from others who go to entirely different Crossfit gyms. So all of this is to say that if you've ever thought about doing it and are intimidated by it, don't be! We fell off the wagon last week for various reasons, but this week after going I've honestly felt more energized, in a better mood, and I was more productive at work. Ok-- I'm going to stop now because I sound like an infomercial.

5. Kirsten's Baby Shower Favors

Ok, last one! Last weekend, Les and I went to my cousin Kirsten's Jack & Jill Baby Shower for her little girl Ryleigh-- due to arrive at the end of the month!! These were the favors for the gals (the guys got cigars): mini bottles of Prosecco or champagne that said "Pop it when she Pops! Have a toast to Ryleigh." How cute is that? I had never seen this done before and I thought it was really sweet and worth sharing in case you're going to be showering a mom-to-be in your life soon. My bottle is currently chilling in the fridge waiting for when we get to celebrate Ryleigh's arrival!

That's all for this week! Be sure to come back on Monday for an exciting blog reveal... ;)


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