Friday Favorites

1. Pleats!

I have always loved a good skirt or dress with pleats. In fact, the dress I almost wore to my senior prom in high school was a pleated navy blue cocktail length dress (but then I panicked and went with a maxi dress like the rest of the senior girls). This dress is the best of both worlds... pleated, navy blue, and maxi! This is the outfit I wore to Kelly's rehearsal dinner, which was outside on the lawn of the house they rented for their wedding party to stay in that weekend. There were farm tables, a fire pit, lawn games, and some incredible food-- it was a wonderful evening hosted by Tom's parents. My dress is from H&M and while I couldn't find the exact version anymore, this one is really similar. Check out the rest of the pleated styles available at H&M right now, too! P.S... my headband is here.

2. Flytographer

Something else I'm excited to share is what Les and I gifted Kelly and Tom for their wedding. They had put a 'Flytographer' session on their registry and we thought it was such a cool and special gift. Basically, the company Flytographer helps you connect and book a photographer in several cities across the world where you might be vacationing. So for our gift, Kelly and Tom got to have a photoshoot while they were on their honeymoon in Paris! The photos came out STUNNING and I love that it's something they'll have forever to remember their honeymoon by. I mean how amazing are these pictures? I thought it was definitely worth sharing as an amazing gift idea.

3. My Maid of Honor Gift

Speaking of special gifts, this is what Kelly gave me on the day before her wedding to thank me for being her maid of honor— a framed print of "i carry your heart with me" by e.e. cummings. I said this in my Maid of Honor Speech, but it's hard to put into words what Kelly means to me as my best friend and big sister. This poem, though, is an excellent representation. It sits on my dresser now. Also, if you haven't seen the movie "In Her Shoes," I highly recommend it, especially if you have a sister. You'll find the relation to this poem once you watch it.

4. Fall Bodysuit Tops

A concept I've been loving for a while now is the bodysuit. They're great with jeans as pictured here, but I also have two that I wear to work frequently because I love that I don't have to worry about them staying tucked in. I think the two I have are from J. Crew Factory from last year... one is just plain black, which I wear with my black work pants and sometimes a vest, and then one is navy and white stripes and I wear it with my navy work pants. Since those have been getting a lot of use, I decided to add two more to my wardrobe from Nordstrom Rack, and they did not disappoint! I thought the green color on the right would be perfect for fall, and the camo on the left is a print that I have a hard time saying no to. The most PLEASANT surprise, though, is that the camo one, made by Socialite, is actually one of the softest things I've ever felt. I ordered both in my usual Size Small and they fit great. Both come in other colors, as well!

5. The Great British Baking Show

It's been a while since I shared something that I've been watching, so I thought today I would mention the Great British Baking Show. If you've never watched it, what are you waiting for?! It's honestly so, so soothing to watch. Unlike American cooking and baking competitions, there doesn't seem to be any manufactured drama or suspense thrown in for effect; it's just some sweet home bakers from around the U.K. all competing for $25,000. Just kidding. Again, unlike American cooking shows, the prize isn't some absurd amount of money, it's just pride and a lovely glass cake dish, and also a coveted handshake from one of the hosts, bread connoisseur Paul Hollywood. Somehow that makes the show even sweeter. Each week features a new theme, like biscuits, pies, or cakes, and it really is just enjoyable to watch what the bakers create. A new season is airing on Netflix right now, so check it out!


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