Friday Favorites

1. Bride Bag

I almost don't have words for how I feel about this bag. But here are a few: Pom poms. Straw. Less than $30. From the minute I opened this up after getting it in the mail earlier this week, I knew I was in love. Les's response, "Are you supposed to buy that sort of thing for yourself? Shouldn't that be some sort of shower gift?" Maybe? But I have no shame. Or regrets. I plan to get as much use out of this as I can this year! And next year... and the year after. Would that be weird?

2. kate spade for KEDS.

Speaking of all things bridal, I came across these kate spade for KEDS online the other day. I haven't ordered them myself because I'm not sure I'd end up using them, but I thought they were definitely worth sharing! How perfect would these be for a bride to change into at her reception after a day in heels? There are a ton of other colors and designs, too!

3. Bow Flip Flops

Now, speaking of cute shoes... I just received these in the mail last night from one of my favorite bloggers,! She ran a contest on Instagram, and three of her followers (including myself!) won a pair of these very darling flip flops. I can already tell how comfortable they are, and I have alllllll the plans to wear these this summer! Thanks, Kate. :)

4. Kelly's Bridesmaids Bags

So many cute things in one post! I wanted to share three of the sweet things that Kelly included with her gifts to her bridesmaids right before her wedding. For the perfect "Maine" touch, she chose to fill these Maine Sea Bags, made from recycled sails, with a few lovely surprises! We were each gifted these kate spade studs to wear in the wedding— the mother of pearl is so pretty, and the gold perfectly complemented Kelly's jewelry. And, we each got one of these beautiful robes from Le Rose! This is seriously one of the softest silks I've ever felt, and I've worn it almost every morning since the wedding. These little surprises were so special, and I know we'll all love these keepsakes from Kelly's big day!

5. Halloween is upon Us!

It killed me a little bit to completely abandon the subtle blush, blue, and white tones all throughout the beginning of this post.... but Halloween is almost here! And this year was the first time that Les and I had our own outdoor space to decorate, so we went all out! He takes outdoor illumination very seriously... and while I would have gone with a more natural harvest look, Les agreed to let me choose our Christmas aesthetic (yes to all white lights and green garland!!). I have to say, though, he did a really great job. All we have left to do is carve our pumpkins— Paul the skeleton, as we've named him, needs a face! We picked Paul and the lights up at Home Depot, and the ghosts came from one of those pop-up Halloween stores.

It's been so festive to come home to, especially because Les and I have spent almost every night the past week or so watching a Halloween or scary movie! So far we've watched, Ghostbusters, Ma, Practical Magic, The Adams Family, Clue, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Still to come... Hocus Pocus, The Witches, and Halloweentown... a few classics! Let me know what else we should watch, and happy Friday!


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