Friday Favorites

1. Evelyn Henson FREE Desktop Calendar Download

First up this Friday, and in celebration of the beginning of April, I'm sharing something that I look forward to at the start of every month: Evelyn Henson's free calendar downloads. I can't remember how I came across her website (probably Pinterest?) but I've been using Evelyn's calendar downloads for over two years now on my work computer. All you have to do is sign up to receive her emails (at the very bottom of her page) and she'll send you the download every month! She also includes a corresponding wallpaper to download to your phone. I love her site and her designs, and I've gifted a few of her prints and cards to family and friends. Definitely check her out if you're a fan of all things floral!

2. S’Mores Muddy Buddines

This will never be a food blog. It just won’t. I do like to bake, and I like cooking for the most part as long as a I have a precise recipie to follow, but I’m by no means a foodie or a chef. That being said, from time to time something I make (or someone else has made) will make its way into my Friday favorites! For example: s’mores muddy buddies. I needed something quick and easy to make for a get together at a girlfriend’s house last week and I hadn’t made these in a while. We didn’t end up making a big dent in it (the chips, dips, baked Brie, wine... and late night pizza... were plentiful) so Les was thrilled when I came home with more than enough left over for us to enjoy and to bring to my parent’s in Maine that weekend. The recipie I use is from a blog called Like Mother, Like Daughter, and I’ve had it open on my phone’s browser for probably a solid year. Does anyone else struggle to close all of their Safari tabs? Anyways, only 6 ingredients and about 10 minutes and you’re done. My only note would be to forgo the extra chocolate chips at the end. They don’t add much, in my opinion, and they all end up at the very bottom anyways. Maybe I am a foodie...

3. Warby Parker Sunglasses Case

Two weeks ago when we were in the city, Kelly and I went into Warby Parker in the Prudential Center because she needed her glasses adjusted. While we were there, we spotted the new cases they have and I took a look since mine was beginning to fall apart. I was shocked that this case was only 15.00! When I picked it up I thought it was going to be around 45.00. What I love about it is when you're wearing your glasses, the case folds down completely flat, taking up very little space in your bag. Plus, it comes in four different colors! I settled on walnut.

Meanwhile, Kelly picked up this pouch for her glasses. She loved that it's separated into two sections on the inside so it can hold a pair of sunglasses, as well as her actual glasses. The pouch is 20.00 and comes in three colors.

4. Boing Brightening Concealer

I've been using Benfit Boing concealer for years. My mom would actually put this in Kelly and my Christmas stockings and it would usually last all year (and then some). Recently I ran out and headed to Sephora, where I discovered that they re-did the product and packaging. It now comes in a few variations: Airbrush (most similar to the original), Brightening, Hide & Sheen Concealer & Highlighter Duo, and Industrial Strength. After trying them out, I went with the Brightening one in shade 2 (light-medium) and have been using it every day after my foundation.

5. Lucky Brand Yabba Wedge Bootie

I've actually had these booties since last summer (I purchased them in the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale), and while they were great in the fall, I'm especially loving them now as a transitional shoe for spring. The grey suede goes great with some of the lighter colors I've been starting to wear as the weather warms, and because they're a wedge they feel a bit more seasonally appropriate than a typical bootie. A lot of reviewers were concerned about being able to wear socks with them because of the low slit on the outside of the shoe, but I wear grey no-show socks with them and they work perfectly. The picture below is when I wore them a few weeks ago to a bridal expo show that one of my bridesmaids took me to (note the white "bride" sticker on my jacket")!

That wraps up this Friday Favorites and the week! Happy weekend!


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