Friday Favorites

Friends, we made it to Friday. This week felt really short on Tuesday and Wednesday after having Monday off, but let me tell you: yesterday dragged on. I'm also feeling a bit off because after getting in a really great groove with running these past four weeks, I thought I had developed shin splints... so that's no fun. After jumping off the treadmill in excruciating pain on Tuesday night, I gave myself Wednesday off and Les and I spent the night binge watching the Aaron Hernandez docuseries on Netflix instead. It was FASCINATING — really intense and really sad in so many ways. Anyways, I was back on the tread last night and, if I do say so myself, I crushed a 45 minute HIIT run. I’m thinking I probably have to intersperse other workouts into my week instead of trying to run everyday to avoid injury, but I haven’t found anything else that I really love and can do from our home gym. I'm going to attempt to try some of the other workouts on the Peloton Digital app, but other recommendations are always welcome!! First though, some Friday Favorites.

1. So Many Thoughts Instagram & Blog by Elizabeth Holmes

I first started following journalist/blogger Elizabeth Holmes (not to be confused with creepy blood-testing Theranos Elizabeth Holmes) maybe a year ago at the suggestion of my friend Hannah. Her insight into the royals, particularly their fashion-choices, is really interesting. She dissects the brands and colors they wear and analyzes and speculates on why they were chosen for specific outings or occasions. And, if you have been following along with Meghan and Harry's exit from official royal duties, she has offered some great insight on that, too. This is an example of one of her most recent Instagram stories, but make sure you check out her site, too! I also can't WAIT to read her forthcoming book!!

2. Ask Again, Yes

On the subject of books, I just finished "Ask Again, Yes," by Marth Beth Keane last week and I think it's worth recommending if you're looking for a deep story for your next novel. It follows two families who become intertwined in a few different ways, impacting each other significantly in the long run and illustrating just how varied outcomes can be, even when origins are similar. It was on the slower side compared to the books I usually read, but it was a powerful story that I would read again.

3. Question a Day for You & Me

I guess we still haven't left the subject of books. Five years ago, Les's mom gave me a Question a Day Journal that I filled out from February 2015 on-wards. It was pretty cool to look back on how my answers evolved, or stayed the same, from year to year. I wrote this entry on December 7 the winter of my senior year in College, and then shared it on Facebook one year later having moved in with Les, started my first job at Boston University, and enrolled in my master's program in higher education leadership. Isn't that so cool?

Some of the questions can be pretty poignant like that, and then some are more light-hearted like "what did you have for breakfast this morning?"Either way, since my journal is just about up, I bought a similar journal meant for couples to do together, and Les and I started it right after the new year. This one is only three years, and I think it'll be really cool to have our answers from the year leading up to our wedding, and for our first two years of marriage. It's been pretty fun to do so far; we fill it out right before we go to bed, and it does spark a fair amount of conversation right at the end of our day.

4. Stars Above pajamas from Target

FINALLY! Something to wear instead of to read. :) I've shared a few pairs of pajamas on here in the past, because I have a slight obsession with sleepwear. I'm not sure how it started, but I'm always tempted to wander over to the pajama section of whatever store I'm in, whether it's Marshalls or Target or J. Crew. I thought I would share one of my very favorite brands: Stars Above at Target. I have several pairs of both their satin and cotton pajamas (including the three pictured) and they're all incredibly soft. They have also held up really well through several washes.

5. Invisibobble Hair Ties

I've been using these hair ties for quite a while and just thought to share them because I went to order more on Amazon. I first bought these because after I blow dry my hair, I usually use at least one hair tie to section it before I style (a.k.a straighten, because that's all I know how to do) my hair. I found that with my hair freshly washed and dried, a normal hair tie would instantly leave a crease in my clean hair even for the two minutes or so that it was sectioned off. So I bought these and I haven't looked back! They also keep my hair up better than a normal hair tie when I'm running. I keep one on my vanity for styling, one in my makeup bag in case I need a hair tie on the go, and one on my dresser for working out. I will say that part of the reason I'm ordering more is because after a while (I'm talking quite a long time) they can become permanently stretched out, but you can always combat this by just wrapping it around a few more times. Give them a try!

That's a wrap for this week! We've got another low-key weekend mapped out, which I'm thankful for; Les will likely spend most of his time studying, and maybe I'll take a stab at cleaning out my closet... maybe.


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