Friday Favorites

1. Nike Running Shoes

Is there anything better, or more motivating, than a new pair of running shoes? Yes, yes there is. New running shoes with blush laces and a tortoise shell detail. Technically the design on these is called "flame" but both the sales associate and I (he was a man, mind you) agreed that they look more like a tortoise shell pattern. ANYWAYS, I went to the Nike store this past weekend because I suspected that I needed some new running shoes. I looked back in my email to see when I had bought my previous pair... July of 2017. And even though I just recently started running consistently, those shoes had seen a ton of mileage when I used to commute to work on foot when we lived in Boston. Looking at the heel on my old shoes, and looking at what they looked like when they were new, I'm not surprised that I've been having ankle and shin pain while running recently! So I went into Nike, spent a lot of time with one of their sales associates, tried out three different pairs on the treadmill they had in-store, and ended up with this pair. He said they've been making this "Pegasus" model for over 30 years so they must be doing something right! So far I've been loving them this week, but what I love the most is that if after 30 days they end up not being the right choice for me, I can go back in and return them. I'll keep you posted!

2. Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Setting Spray

On Monday I shared all of the products I use in my daily makeup routine, and immediately afterwards my friend Melody suggested this Urban Decay setting spray made specifically to ward off oil! You better believe I went right out and bought it. You just spritz it on in an X and then T formation across your face after you've applied your makeup; it helps set everything to stay in place throughout the day and, while it hasn't 100% eliminated my end-of-the-day oil, it has definitely decreased it in a noticeable way.

3. Rothy's

I'm super late to the Rothy's Game, but friends, I get the hype! My mom gave my sister and I each a gift card for a pair of Rothy's for Christmas and I was finally able to order mine once my size came back in stock. I knew I wanted pointy-toe flats but I had a hard time picking which pattern to get. I was of course drawn to this cute leopard pair, but I have a leopard print mule already. And then there was this stylish camo option, but I ultimately decided that the flax birdseye color would go with a lot more. They feel super flexible but still sturdy, compared to other flats which can either be way too stiff or lacking in support. And how cool that you can throw them in the wash? I'm confident this won't be the last pair I buy... I already have my eyes on this cute blush pair. :)

4. Easy Chicken Caprese

I made this chicken caprese dish for dinner for Les and I earlier this week and was kind of surprised at how easy it was and how well it turned out! Les in particular doesn't love grilled chicken for its lack of flavor, but a simple rub of Italian seasoning, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, and pepper did the trick on these. Plus, fresh mozzarella will make everything better! My pro tip is to buy chicken breast that is already thin-sliced so that you can skip the first step of pounding the chicken. In the past I've made this dish with some roasted pine nuts on top, too, for some added crunch. Also, definitely opt for a balsamic glaze instead of oil/dressing! It's thicker and a little sweeter. I added a side of green beans for an easy and healthy Tuesday night dinner!

5. Sarah & Ashley

Two of my beautiful bridesmaids, Sarah and Ashley, are celebrating birthdays! I call them my "bonus bridesmaids" because they came in to my life at the perfect time; it took me seven years to know whether or not Les was the one, but it only took a year and a half of being friends with these two to know that I would want them standing next to me on my wedding day. I'm totally kidding; I knew I wanted to marry Les within two or three weeks of knowing him. I remember being on Skype with him over our first Christmas break in College in 2011 (having only known each other for 4 months at that point) talking about getting married. :)

ANYWAYS, you can read more about Sarah and Ashley here in my Bridesmaid Reveal post, but the bottom line is I'm so grateful that each of them was born and that they came into my life. The three of us used to work together, until Ashley deserted us for a new opportunity, but I joke with her that my plan worked — if I asked her to be a bridesmaid she'd be forced to stay friends with me. This is probably one of the least flattering photos that each of us has taken in our lives (not a good angle for me, in particular) but we had the best time this night at another one of our friend's, and these girls just make me very, very happy. Happiest of birthdays to Sarah and Ashley!


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