Friday Favorites

So, I accidentally took about three months off from Friday Favorites. With everything going on, it was hard for a while to have any favorites, admittedly. But I'm back at it today with a few things from the past couple of months to share!

1. Bridal Tumbler

What can I say? I decided to spoil myself a little by ordering this coffee tumbler the other day and it's on its way to me now. I just needed a little pick me up. Nothing like a little coffee and kate spade to make me smile.

2. L & L Cookie Stamp

The day before Valentine's Day (which was also the one-year anniversary since Les and I got engaged!) we opened a package from his mom to find these incredible cookies. She ordered this custom stamp from Etsy and made us cookies with it and sent along the stamp for us to keep. How cute is that?! A great gift for an engaged couple. This Etsy shop has tons of other custom stamps, too, for other occasions.

3. Our Guest Book

We got our guest book for the wedding in the mail back in February and I'm pretty in love with it. We went back and forth on a lot of different ideas on what to do for a guest book, but in the end we decided to keep it clean and simple. We designed a photo book through Artifact Uprising and used pictures of Les and I that span the past 8 and a half years of dating. Of course we looked through it when it first arrived, but then we put it away in our closet with the rest of our wedding things. I pulled it back out to bring to Maine to show my parents, and after not seeing it for a while it made me realize how beautiful it really is. The binding and the cover feel so luxe, and it's going to look even more amazing once all of our family and friends sign the inside pages. We designed it so that photos are in chronological order, which means they start our freshman year of college when we were 18 and awkward. We’re BABIES in the first few photos compared to where we are now. I hope you enjoy this little sneak peak!

4. Custom Flower Boxes

Ever since we moved to our current apartment, I have wanted to put flower boxes on the two large window sills (more like ledges) on our patio. Les had promised he would build them at some point, so we opted not to buy any last spring or summer. Well, just like many others, we have found ourselves yearning for projects and things to do while we're homebound. And, being up at my parents house with access to my dad's workshop and his woodworking expertise, it felt like the perfect time to build these. I sketched out a drawing (adding a bit of molding detail around the edges of the face and down the middle), and Les and my dad went to work, using old stair treads from my parent's renovation. After they were done, I stained them a dark cherry color. I LOVE the way they turned out, and I can't wait to plant some flowers in them once we're back home! Plus, they mean that much more to me having been built by my two favorite guys.

5. Farmgirl Flowers

Speaking of flowers, the other week my mom and I were missing my sister just a little extra, and we decided to send her some flowers to let her know we were thinking of her. As my sister is a bit of a plant and flower connoisseur, I knew the usual 1-800 flowers wouldn't cut it. I had seen ads online for Farmgirl Flowers before and we decided to give them a try. I was especially psyched because they had a bouquet of panda anemones, a flower that my sister chose to feature prominently in her bridal bouquet, and on her wedding stationary! The description said that they would just need a quick trim when they were delivered. I have to admit, when Kelly first FaceTimed us to thank us, my mom and I were a littttttle upset by how droopy they were!! But Kelly assured us that she thought they would perk up and open up a little bit more after being brought in from the cold. They did travel all the way from California, we learned. Sure enough, within one or two hours she sent us this picture. They were opening up! Definitely a great option if you're looking for a more artisanal approach to flower gifting.

That's all for this week! I'll be back on Monday with some updates on our wedding.


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