Friday Favorites

Happy happy Friday! As I'm writing this on Thursday, it is a BEAUTIFUL sunny day here in Maine and 61°, which I think might be the warmest it's been since we've been up here (for the past 58 days... but who's counting). In all seriousness, it has been really nice to spend this extra time with my parents, especially as it was just Mother's Day and my mom's birthday this past Sunday & Tuesday! In fact, this whole Friday favorites is kind of dedicated to our little celebration we had for my mom, and I have a couple of cool things to share.

First of all, we got to spend some time with my sister Kelly and her husband Tom! The plan was for them to drive up on Sunday from New Hampshire and social distance out by the fire pit to celebrate my mom. But, the weather was looking really chilly for Sunday (and snowy on Saturday, for that matter) so my mom was starting to get a little bummed out that it might not happen. So, Kelly and I conspired and she and Tom were able to take a half day at work and drive up to surprise my mom on Friday when the weather was a little warmer and sunny. It was such a fun way to celebrate my amazing mama. And look at all the GOODIES that came with.

My sweet sister decided to send a care package for my mom and I ahead of her drive up here... a little something extra for Mother's Day, and something to lift my spirits after postponing our wedding. My mom and I have been enjoying "tea time" in the afternoon on most days, so Kelly sent us all of the essentials courtesy of a small shop in Portsmouth called Gus & Ruby (which now has an adorbale online store, too). She was able to go on their website and pick out what she wanted to send.

First, these beautiful Rifle Paper Co. tumblers. I had actually been eyeing these for a while before the white one sold out, so I was THRILLED. White for the bride-to-be and the lovely mint color for my mama.

Then, she included two boxes of Tea Drops, which I had never heard of before. They're almost like little sugar cubes each of them is a different type of tea like sweet peppermint and rose earl grey. You just pop one in your mug with boiling water and it dissolves. Plus, each of them is a super cute shape like a heart or a star. So far, I've loved every tea I've tried!

And, lastly, because our tea time usually includes a game or puzzle, she sent us a new, 500 piece tea time-themed puzzle. How sweet is all of that?

One more thing I have to mention, and show-off, is this incredible cake that Kelly's mother-in-law sent up. If you've seen some of my posts before from Kelly's wedding and shower, you know that Maryann is a phenomenal baker. The lemon biscotti pictured above with my tea is actually one of hers. But, her funfetti cake is one of our favorites— it was actually one of the flavors that Kelly and Tom served at their wedding! Behold this birthday cake version of it. I mean... come on.

It's one of the most heavenly things I've ever tasted. DEFINITELY check out her site if you're in the Maine/New Hampshire/Massachusetts area and are looking for a cake. Or cupcakes. Or whoopee pies. Or cookies. Or granola. Or pies...


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