Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! It finally feels like summer here in Maine, just in time for us to go home to Massachusetts in the next week or so. While it'll be nice to get back home, Les and I are definitely going to miss being up here at my parent's. I can't believe we've been staying here for three months!! When we came up on St. Patrick's Day we thought it would be for maybe two weeks. It's such a challenging and strange season to be in—for everyone— but we're trying to make the best of it! Here's this week's round-up of Friday Favorites:

1. J. Crew Factory Tie-Waist Short

I bought these shorts last summer from J. Crew Factory, and while the color I'm wearing isn't available, I just noticed that they brought them back this year in a seaside-blue chambray! I love how easy these are to throw on and even dress up a little. They have nice, deep pockets, a tie in the front, and elastic in the back. Such an easy fit, and under $30!

2. J. Crew A-Line Skirt

Speaking of adorable bottoms from J. Crew, I bought this skirt a little while ago for work and regret that I haven't really had the chance to wear it yet! I LOVE the matelassé fabric—I am truly a sucker for anything quilted, especially in clothing. It's almost sold out in most sizes in the "brilliant sunset" color I'm wearing, but it's also available in olive green and navy blue. And, if you're really going for major Jackie Kennedy vibes, you'll add the matching jacket!

3. Trader Joes Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo

I tend to be the kind of person who just uses whatever shampoo is on sale or smells nice. I typically alternate between some sort of more luxurious-looking shampoo with Head and Shoulders on a few days because I have a dryer scalp. Recently, I ran out of the shampoo that I had brought up here to Maine, so I grabbed a bottle of this Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle out of the cabinet. First of all, the peppermint smell is unreal. Second, I actually think that this shampoo has been keeping my hair cleaner for longer! Normally I am in need of some dry shampoo by day two, but since I've started using this last week I have noticed that my hair actually looks freshly washed the day after I shower. I love compiling a list of my Trader Joe's "must haves" since I get there so rarely, just based on where my store is located. Definitely add this to your list if you do the same!

4. "Seas the Day"

If you missed my post this Monday, this last weekend was a definite favorite. Sunday the 14th would have been my bridal shower, so we decided to "seas" the day and make the most of it (actually the whole weekend) out on the water. Check it out here!

5. Stuck on a Deserted Island

I saw this prompt on another blog last week and thought it would be fun to share my answers, and to read your responses in the comments! I think in some ways being in quarantine has felt a bit like being on a deserted island. SO, if you were stuck on one, what would be the one food you would bring to eat; the one book you would brig to read; and the one show you would bring to binge watch?! My food would be, without a doubt, pizza. Specifically either a Dominos Deep Dish cheese pizza (it's my guilty pleasure), or a large cheese from our favorite local spot, Little Italy. They make their pizza with a "sweet" tomato sauce, which is something Les and I never had until we moved up to the North Shore. Now we can't go back to regular sauce!!

My show would be The Office— for me the episodes never get old. And for my book, the English major in me is going to say Finnegans Wake by James Joyce. I read it for my senior year capstone paper; it's written pretty much all in portmanteaus and it references a ton of other works, so there is always something new to discover no matter how many times you read the 600+ pages.

Ok, that's all for this week! I want to wish all the Dads out there a happy early Father's Day, especially this guy right here—my dad, pictured here pulling his lobster traps! Speaking of my dad, if I could choose one person to be stuck on a deserted island with, it would be him. I'm confident he would have us off the island, on a boat, listening to Bob Marley and drinking IPAs in no time.


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