Friday Favorites

Happy Birthday to me, friends! Today, I am 26. And so ends the five days during which Les gets to tease me about liking older men. 25 was so very good to me and I can't wait to see what 26 brings. For starters, it will be the year that Les and I spend as fiancés planning our dream wedding. This time next year, we'll be finalizing things for our big day. But, I don't want this year to go by quickly by any means. I plan to enjoy every minute of being 26, being engaged to Les, and seeing what new experiences this year will bring.

For today's Friday Favorites, and in honor of my birthday, I decided to share 26 of my "favorites!" Hope you enjoy... maybe we have a few in common. :)

1. Favorite Ice Cream: Pistachio Soft Serve from Stew Leonards in Norwalk, CT

2. Favorite Designer: Tory Burch (like I even needed to include this one).

3. Favorite Country I've Visited: Austria

4. Favorite State I've Visited: Maine

5. Favorite City: Boston

6. Favorite Color: It changes, right now it's blush

7. Favorite Season: Fall (for the fashion)

8. Favorite Place to Shop: Nordstrom

9. Favorite Flowers: Peonies

10. Favorite Holiday: Christmas

11. Favorite Movie: Love Actually (see above)

12. Favorite Artist: Taylor Swift (don't @ me).

13. Favorite Cocktail: Dark and Stormy or Mule

14. Favorite Food: Pizza (I feel 12 saying that, but it's true. Ask Les.)

15. Favorite Kardashian/Jenner: Kendall

16. Favorite Joke: Did you hear about the circus fire? It was in tents.

17. Favorite Sport to Watch: Soccer

18. Favorite Type of Cheese: Muenster

19. Favorite Cereal: Lucky Charms

20. Favorite Animal: Rhino

21. Favorite Think to Cook: Cajun Pasta

22. Favorite Name: Charlotte

23. Favorite Royal: Charlotte

24. Favorite Movie Theater Candy: Cookie Dough Bites

25. Favorite Nail Polish Color: Fiji

26. Favorite Birthday Memory: For my tenth birthday, my parents set up a scavenger hunt on a spit of land in the Long Island sound. I took a few friends there on my parent's boat and then ended with a sleepover!

That's all for this week! Les and I are headed to Maine today to spend the weekend with my family-- my favorite way to spend my birthday. Be back on Monday!


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