Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends! This week has been pretty low-key, working from home during the day and enjoying some time outside when we can. We also recently started (and are almost done) watching the new Unsolved Mysteries series on Netflix. So much "yikes!" I definitely recommend if you enjoy true crime TV or podcasts. In fact, one of the story lines featured in the series was one Les and I had heard about on a podcast a while back. I'd love to watch some of the older episodes, and any updates on cases that were solved after they aired. Do they do that?!

On a lighter, more cheery note, I have a favor to ask... I am ELEVEN followers away from 500 on Instagram. If you're new here, I would love to have you follow my page, if you'd like! In addition to some of the content you'll find here on the blog, you'll also see more of my day-to-day life with my fiancé and our little rescue pup. You can find me here, @lisalisabythesea. Thank you, thank you, thank you! (P.S. you can also find my page on Facebook and give it a "like," if that's more your jam!)

Ok, on to today's post!! Below you'll find this week's Friday Favorites. But first, as always, be sure to check out Monday and Wednesday's posts if you missed them!

1. This Week's Look for the Office

I threw on one of my favorite dresses (it's an old Vince Camuto from TJ Maxx) earlier this week to run to my office for a bit, and I paired it with this mustard bag that's a few years old from H&M. I don't think I had ever put these two pieces (or colors) together before, but I'm loving it! Check out these similar styles and BEAUTIFUL bags I found below, both less than $60!

It's outfits like this that inspired me to start a blog; when I put something new together, I always snap a photo and save it to an "outfits" album on my phone. It's where I go for inspiration if I'm ever stuck on what to wear! And now, I love sharing them with you, too!

2. Tropical Bride Towel

Because it's summer, and because I'm still a bride-to-be, I wanted to share this tropical towel again that two of my bridesmaids gave me for my birthday last year. How cute is that? It would make a great gift for any brides you know. I also stumbled across this blush colored one on Etsy. SO pretty. And, actually, you can personalize it with just a first name and give it to any lady in your life, and I'm sure they'd love it!

3. Save the Date Wine Label

Speaking of Etsy, and brides-to-be, I shared a wine label the other week that my mom and I had custom made to celebrate my sister's housewarming. It was a huge hit, so I thought I would also share this adorable gift that my bridesmaid Ashley gave me when we were originally one year out from our wedding. This would also make a great gift for a newly engaged couple! What I loved most about this whole presentation is that Ashley picked a rosé to match the pink tones of my dress in the photo she chose from our engagement shoot. The rosé has since been enjoyed, but the bottle makes such a great keepsake!

Another idea, if you're in a wedding party, is to gift this to the husband and wife to-be when they're 100 days out from the big day. I had never really thought about marking that milestone before, but when my sister and her husband were 100 days out, she surprised him with a 100 piece puzzle. How cute is that? Marking that day for an engaged couple is so fun, I think, and a great way to really make them feel special.

By the way, Les and I keep laughing a little at the things we have with our original date printed on them. What else can we do? Honestly I think they're pretty cool keepsakes and conversation pieces. Like the beautiful sign my godmother gave us this past Christmas that has 9/5/20 in the bottom corner. Some friends have asked what our plan is with the sign, but honestly it evokes kind of a crazy story, if you think about it. Anyone who walks in our home and knew us during this season will know about our postponement and original date, and it makes a great conversation starter for anyone who didn't! We are glad, though, that we hadn't already engraved our wedding bands with our date, considering we bought them back in November!!

4. Summer Charcuterie

This was our dinner set up on Wednesday night. Does anyone else love charcuterie dinners in the summer? They're so easy to put together. We paired ours with a caesar salad just to make it a bit more filling. It was so nice after our work day to enjoy a little dinner outside, just the two of us!

5. S'Mores Muddy Buddies

In case your mouth is watering after that impressive spread (if I do say so myself), here's a great recipe for an easy, sweet summer snack. I've made these s'mores muddy buddies a handful of times and they never disappoint. I inherited this trait from my dad, but I absolutely crave a bite of something sweet after every meal. We're talking even after lunch. A small handful of these, and I'm good to go! Plus, they couldn't be easier to make. Enjoy!


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