Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! How was everyone's week? The highlight of mine was that we got a new dishwasher yesterday. And that very fact is how I know I'm officially an adult. Anyways, earlier this week I shared two great posts! One was a tour of our closet (who doesn't love peeking inside someone else's home) and the other was what I've been wearing, watching, eating, planning, dreading... a little bit of everything! Check them out, and then it's on to this week's Friday Favorites!

P.S. Be sure to come back next week because I'll be sharing photos of my favorite finds from past Nordstrom Anniversary Sales that you can look for in this year's sale! If you have a Nordstrom card I'm sure you already know that the sale starts August 13. Without a card, you can start shopping August 19! For now, here are my Friday Favorites:

1. English Factory Babydoll Top

Speaking of Nordstrom, how cute is this little top? I don't always go for one-shoulders because I'm not sure how well they flatter me, but this one technically has two straps. It's from the brand English Factory and they have the most adorable babydoll tops (and dresses for that matter). I bought my bag from Zulilly on sale after it was a few seasons old, but I linked to a similar version from this season! The Ella tote is a great Tory Burch staple... I love the different designs that come out each year!

2. V Neck Amazon Dress with Pockets

The other day someone in a Facebook group I'm part of asked for recommendations on a last-minute dress for an event. My answer will always be this dress from Amazon. It comes in TONS of colors (27 to be exact), is so versatile, and has adjustable straps that criss cross in the back. Also..... it has pockets. SOLD.

3. Clairebella Outdoor Dining

Ok so I haven't bought these myself yet, but I did add them to our registry because I'm SWOONING over this outdoor dining collection from Clairebella studio. The collection comes in tons of fun patterns, but I'm loving the tan gingham. Plus, you can personalize everything with a monogram if you want! These would be so great for any deck or patio, or really even inside since they're not technically melamine. Plus, it's all 20% off with code TABLETOP until Sunday! This site itself has all sorts of great (and monogram-able) gift ideas. These are just a few of the other patterns available, but trust me... there's more.

4. Mighty Spark Turkey Burgers

Since I've gotten in the habit of sharing food on here, I thought I would mention these today. These are our FAVORITE turkey burgers. The brand is Mighty Spark and we buy them at Stop & Shop. I've seen them in "Original" and then one with cheddar and bacon, but our favorite is the jalapeño and queso fresco. They almost don't need anything else on them because of how much flavor they have. We just cook them in our little grill pan on our stove and they're perfect.

5. Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough Bites

Something savory has to be followed by something sweet! I meant to take an actual picture of the bag but they were gone so fast... whoops. I spotted these in our little market by our house and first bought the Half Baked kind that has brownie and cookie dough bites, but Les and I agreed that the cookie dough was the best part. So you better believe that in our next grocery order we requested a bag of just cookie dough bites. Friends, they're incredible. We all know I crave something sweet after every meal; a small handful of these and I'm good. The greatest let down of this week is that we put them in our Monday grocery order and they were out of stock. Luckily my friend Hannah sent me this... the recipe for how to make them yourself! Except we're almost out of butter and we don't have heavy cream right now, so I'll need to be acquiring either a new bag of bites or the ingredients STAT!


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