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So much Nordstrom on the blog this week, you'd think I was sponsored by them!! (I'm not :) ). I just have always loved to shop there for their selection of price-points and designers, curbside pickup, and easy/free returns. And Nordstrom Rack, too! They have a huge selection online, and going to my store in-person (though I haven't been since February) is like a treasure hunt. It's actually where I've found a large number of my Tory Burch bags at a discount! If you missed my post on Monday, it was a round-up of pieces that are in this year's Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that I've bought and loved in the past. Some cardmembers (based on their status) have already started shopping, and the public sale opens up on the 19th. And then on Wednesday, I shared a new favorite maxi dress of mine, also from Nordstrom.

I'll be shopping the sale on Monday (THREE MORE DAYS BUT WHO'S COUNTING) and I can't wait to share what I buy.

For now, be sure to check out my preview post below, and my Friday Favorites!


1. Two-Piece Lemon Set

I shared this set last summer and had to re-post because it's sill available on Amazon! I wore this to my friend Melody's housewarming party and got allllll the compliments. I love that you can adjust the height of the skirt to what works for you and how much skin you want (or don't want) to show. P.S. similar shoes to mine are here, and a similar bamboo bag is here.

2. Lilly Pulitzer Luxletic Jacket

Next up, my impossibly fun Luxletic jacket from Lilly Pulitzer! I have never bought activewear from Lilly before, but my future MIL saw this and thought I had to have it— I won't argue with that! The pattern is called "Peony for Your Thoughts," after-all. :) It's the perfect lightweight piece to throw on with leggings, but why wouldn't I also pair it with white jeans or shorts? No reason I can think of! It also has a UPF rating of 50+, so it will be great to have at the beach or out on the boat. The pattern I have looks like it's sold out, but the full-zip is available in another beautiful print and two solids, and the half-zip is in stock in tons of options.

3. Guava Cutting Board

Ok speaking of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, look what's in it! The guava cutting board I bought last summer. I absolutely LOVE this for entertaining. Does anyone else have those one-off plates, bowls, or platters with patterns that just make you smile? I don't actually use mine as a cutting board, but just as a serving board— like for shrimp tacos and a watermelon mojito!

4. T3 Cura Hair Dryer

Last time I'll say Nordstrom in this post, I promise. My most-loved hairdryer is also in the sale! I didn't buy mine from a past Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, although I wish I did for the price. During the sale it's $155, and normally it's $235! I actually shared it on my first ever Friday Favorites back in March 2019. I had owned it for five months at that point, so I have now had it for almost two years and I'm as sure as ever that I can't live without it. I have pretty thick hair and I blow-dry it after every shower, which for me is mostly in the mornings before work; the T3 Cura hair dryer cut my drying time in half. It also leaves my hair much less frizzy than an ordinary dryer. Don't ask me about the science behind that, but it works. It's one of those things that I notice right away when I'm traveling and use a different tool— nothing measures up! I would end up with still-wet hair after spending more time with a different dryer than my T3. So all of this is to say if you're looking to replace your blow-dryer, I can't recommend this one enough. P.S. it also comes in midnight blue!

5. Summertime Smash

Just call me your summertime cocktail queen! Just kidding. Maybe not? By now you've probably heard me say the words "watermelon mojito" more times than you can count, but I have a new favorite! Last weekend Les and I had dinner outside at a restaurant in Salem and I absolutely loved the cocktail I ordered, and knew I had to recreate it at home. I am very much a rum or bourbon girl over tequila or vodka, for example. The stars in this particular drink are bourbon and mango. The restaurant used mango purée, but I substituted that with this mango (and passionfruit) margarita mix from my local Total Wine. Has anyone else been taking advantage of curbside wine/beer/liquor pickup?! The other thing I love about this cocktail is that it uses mint, which we have a ton of growing on our patio. Anyways, here's the recipe to this mango Summertime Smash! And, actually, I previously posted the recipe to our watermelon mojitos when we first concocted a pitcher in Maine, so I'll also add the recipe below for just one drink now that we've perfected it. Let me know if you give either a try. Cheers to the weekend!!

Summertime Smash

2 mint leaves

2-3 dashes of orange bitters

1.5 oz (1 shot) of bourbon (we like Larceny Kentucky Bourbon)

2.5 oz of mango & passion fruit margarita mix

Serve on the rocks, and enjoy!

Watermelon Mojito

2-3 mint leaves

3-4 cubes of watermelon

1.5 oz (1 shot) of white rum (we use Bacardi)

A squeeze of lime juice

Club Soda (or Lime Seltzer if you're feeling adventurous)

Muddle your mint leaves and watermelon in the bottom of a glass or cocktail shaker until the watermelon is crushed. Add rum, lime juice, and club soda. Pour over ice through a strainer (I use this one) into a tall glass. Garnish with a fresh mint leaf and serve!


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