Friday Favorites

Surprisingly, I don't think I've ever had a clothing-only Friday Favorites until now! Well actually I guess that's what my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale edition was last Friday, but this week it's less intentional— I just have lots of fashion goodness I want to share! But first, make sure you check out my posts from earlier this week; I shared our custom wedding monogram on Monday, and my favorite backpack on Wednesday.

Now let's get to Friday Favorites!

1. Striped Tie-waist Romper

Just to prove I'm not trying to rush anyone into Fall (contrary to what the next four favorites are) here is a sweet little striped summer romper! I have been very much into the "smocking" that has been on trend this season on tops, dresses, jumpsuits and on the top half of this romper. It actually comes with straps, too, but I prefer it strapless! The stripes look beige on AE's website, but they're definitely more of an olive tone like in these photos, just FYI! P.S. my platform sandals are older Steve Madden's, but Nordstrom has a similar pair!

2. Tory Burch Lug Sole Bootie

Early on when I previewed the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I couldn't believe that I wasn't going to buy anything Tory Burch. If you've been following me for a while, you know she's my favorite designer. There are some beaaaautiful bags in the sale, but I really didn't need anything. But, I kept coming back to these boots. THESE BOOTS. And, after getting a surprise gift card from Nordstrom when I did curbside pickup (did anyone else get one?!), I decided to go for them... and I'm so glad I did before they sell out! They're comfortable, sturdy, stylish.. they're just a great shoe. And if you subscribe to my philosophy that the more shoes you have the longer they'll all collectively last, well then they just make sense. :) I'm also still loving this high-low sweater, and my mom is too! She got one to match.

3. Reversible Sherpa Pullover

Apparently I'm all about monograms this week! When I revealed our custom monogram this Monday, I shared that I had never really been big on monogrammed clothing or accessories. One exception to that is when I order from MarleyLilly where you can monogram ANYTHING. It's one of my favorite sites for gifting! So when I bought this fleece two years ago, I couldn't resist the cute cursive monogram. If ever there was a time that I wish you could reach through the screen to feel something, it would be to touch this fleece. This is what I put on when I'm not feeling well in the winter and want nothing else but to be comfy and cozy. It's just as soft on the inside as it is outside, and it's reversible! I tried to show the plaid reversible print on the inside a little bit. My navy one doesn't seem to be available anymore, but there's a really cute sort of teddy bear brown and a charcoal! You can see both here.

4. Y'all Sweatshirt

Speaking of MarleyLilly...friends, I can't lie to you. Les made fun of me when I first got this sweatshirt a few years ago. I've never lived in the South, spent any considerable time in the South, and I've never said y'all. But come on... how cute is this sweatshirt?! It just spoke to me when I spotted it a few years back. And do you know what it said? It said "Y'all." I think at times my style is very southern-girl-prep at heart— just look at these striped elbow pads! Anyways, I happened to notice that it's back online in a few sizes, and on sale for $19.99! Hurry, ya'll!

5. Ralph Lauren Quilted Coat

Quilted and shearling-lined: two words I love. Three words? Also coats. I have a thing for coats. But my coat philosophy is similar to my shoe philosophy. And, also... living in New England means that from at least November through early March I'm in a warm winter coat, and I like to mix it up a little instead of wearing the same black puffer jacket everyday. This particular one was a late-add to the Anniversary Sale and it's going FAST. Right now there's only a few sizes left in both colors (black and navy... I'm in navy) but it may re-stock! The shearling lining is going to be toasty warm, and I'm a big fan of this hood. For one, it's removable and zips right off if you don't need it, and two it actually fits! There's nothing worse than a huge hood that falls over your eyes. This one is just right. And you know what I'll be pairing this with come cooler weather? My quilted Hunter rain boots that are back in this year's sale!

Ok, please return to your regularly scheduled 70-100 degree weather depending on where you are, and enjoy your weekend!


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