Friday Favorites

It's funny, this has been the Friday Favorites that I've procrastinated on the most (hello, 10:46 pm on Thursday night...). And I'm not even sure why because it's actually my favorite one that I've done so far. This first "favorite" is probably a big reason for that... :)

1. Tiffany & Co. Diamond Point Champagne Flutes

When my sister and her fiancé got engaged, my parents surprised them with a set of champagne flutes to toast with at their wedding. I thought this was really sweet and such a memorable gift to pull out on special occasions like anniversaries or Valentine's Day. When Les and I got engaged, my mom asked us to pick out a set that we would love. A few days before she asked us, Les and I had gone into Boston to Tiffany's for my ring sizing appointment where we were given the most incredibly decorated Tiffany-blue chocolates (I should have taken pictures but I was trying to act cool) and champagne in these flutes. They're so beautiful and delicate and when we asked my mom what she thought, she loved them too. That day at Tiffany's was (much like the day we were there to pick out my ring) so romantic because we were met with such excitement when we arrived, and we had only been engaged for a little over a week. I love that these flutes will remind us of that every time we use them, and bring us back to that feeling of having just gotten engaged. I can't thank you enough, Mom and Dad!! We can't wait to toast to our marriage with this beautiful set.

2. J. Crew Factory Fireball Stud Earrings

I thought that these were worth posting because they're so inexpensive, and they go with everything. Six out of seven days you'll find me wearing these earrings. Admittedly they're not the best quality, so I've owned at least five pairs in as many years because the gold eventually wears off (again, to be fair, I'm wearing them almost every day), but because they're so cheap I don't mind stocking up on them and/or repurchasing!

3. Marble Contact Paper

If you read my post on Monday, you saw that we updated our living room with some new furniture and decor. One of the catalysts for doing this was because most of our furniture was Ikea particle board, which over the years has chipped quite a bit. This was particularly true for the white "Malm Occasional Table" that we have (which Ikea no longer makes). It's actually on wheels and it was made to roll over a bed-- we loved this in Les's room when he lived with a bunch of guy friends because, in his small room, we could use it as a laptop work surface when sitting in bed, or even as a dining table for our Papa Johns and Netflix (those were the days...) But since that apartment, we've used it mainly as a sofa table. Eventually we'll replace it with something nicer, but for a quick fix for all of the chips in the table, I covered just the top of it with this marble-looking contact paper from Amazon. I wanted to share this because it was so easy to use, and it seems like it would stick well on any surface. The backing of the paper had grid-lines so you can measure and cut exactly how much you need. The hardest part is just getting out all the little air bubbles, but using a credit card to press it down as I applied the paper worked really well. I'd say give it a go!

4. Europe Trip Chatbook

This time last year, I was getting ready for my first ever trip to Europe. Les and I traveled with my parents through France and Italy, and then met up with my sister and her fiancé for a wedding in Austria. I have future posts in the works to recap the trip since I took a zillion photos, but I wasn't blogging back then so I only really shared them on Instagram. But, more importantly, when we got back I made an incredible little photo album from Chatbooks with all of our favorite pictures. I made a copy for my parents, as well as my dad's parents who love to travel, and I love looking back at this little book. Chatbooks was really easy to use, and I had the best time pairing pictures to go together on the pages. You have the option of adding dates and captions, but I decided to keep it simple and let the photos speak for themselves. I also think it's more fun that way because if you're showing the album to someone, you can narrate where the photos were taken as you go and share more details than you probably would put in a caption. I chose a different cover for my parent's and grandparent's books, but for mine I of course chose a Rifle Paper Co. design. :) Check them out next time you need an album for yourself or a gift!

5. Trader Joe's White Zinfandel

A few years ago for Christmas, Les's aunt and uncle gifted us a little book on becoming a wine expert. It's been on my to-do list since then to crack it open because I know very, very little about wine. All I really know is that I prefer white to red. This particular wine, from Trader Joe's Charles Shaw label, I felt was worth sharing because it's $2.99, and it's GOOD. In googling how to spell zinfandel, I learned that this is what's known as a "two buck chuck." I'm sure on all the scales used to rate wine, this comes in very low-- except on taste. Les and I both like it, which is a huge plus since he typically prefers reds, and I'll always choose a way sweeter bottle of anything than he would. This is our go-to wine, so if you've seen it at TJ's and have wondered how it is, now you know! Definitely worth the $2.99... :)

That's all for this week. Happy weekend, and happy Easter! I'll share my Easter Sunday outfit next week. :)


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