Friday Favorites

Wow friends... it's been a while. I took a completely accidental hiatus from the blog—and really from social media— during October. On top of work just being crazy busy, Les and I also both came down with pretty bad colds. And, I'm not going to lie, it turned into a bit of a COVID scare. We were in rough shape, and it felt like we just kept passing it back and forth to each other. Luckily we tested negative (I actually tested negative multiple times) and are finally back to normal. SO, needless to say my energy was lacking. But I'm back and have some great Friday Favorites to share today! First up: some fashion!

1. Baby Bootcut Corduroys

Who else loves a good bootcut jean? I'll say that whenever I wear a bootcut instead of a skinny jean, Les ALWAYS compliments me. So that's nice. :) I mostly buy my jeans and pants from J. Crew (their Toothpick skinny is my go-to), but these are actually Kut from the Kloth from Nordstrom, and they're corduroy. And I love them. I wanted another more casual pant option for work and these are perfect. Compared to most other pants I'd say they run a little big, but maybe not enough to size down a whole size. You might just need a cute belt!

2. Striped Jersey Tee

Here on the North Shore of Mass., we've had 30° days in the last two weeks, and we've had high 60 and almost 70° days recently. I realized that I basically had a wardrobe full of short-sleeve shirts and warm sweaters, and not a whole lot in between. I ordered this striped long-sleeve from Old Navy recently and, for as simple as it is, it's better than I expected. It's a great length, and surprisingly really soft??! It's like a light jersey material- nice and stretchy! I opted for a size Small so it wouldn't be too clingy. I wore this to work yesterday with my black J. Crew toothpick jeans (see? my go-to) and my Patagonia vest. The perfect layering option! I also grabbed this tee too; I haven't taken a photo of it yet but I've worn it a few times and it's just as good!

3. Leather Laptop Backpack

Ok, still in the realm of fashion, but also relating to functionality, I just got this backpack in the mail and I. LOVE. IT. It's exactly what I needed. Since I'm working in my office two days a week, and then at home for three, I need to bring my large work laptop back and forth with me. It's pretty heavy, and pretty big, and I got tired of carrying it in a shoulder bag. After a pretty extensive search online for a backpack that would fit my laptop, and was also kinda cute, I finally found this one. It fits my laptop in the padded sleeve, as well as my planner, and notebook PERFECTLY. The saffiano leather elevates it a bit, and reminds me of kate spade. I'm thrillllllllled to have a more functional (and stylish) way to haul my laptop to and fro!

I will note that before I found this one, I tried another backpack from Everlane. I lovedddd the look, the quality, and the material, but it was just a bit bigger than what I needed. I thought it was worth sharing, though!

4. Jogger/Sweater Set

How did you spend your Halloween? I spent it at my parent's in Maine in this jogger set...and I wouldn't have had it any other way. :) I joked on Instagram that I went as a cinder block this year. What is it about a matching set, even if it's sweats, that makes you feel at least somewhat put together? Maybe it's that you can easily be on a Zoom meeting on top and nice and cozy on the bottom. My set is from Target— it runs nice and loose so no need to size up even if you're going for a more slouchy look. I'm in an XS in the sweater and a Small in the joggers!

5. J. Crew Jacket

Speaking of transitional weather, I wanted to share that one of my favorite fall coats is 50% off right now! This is another great layering piece that I pull out in the spring and wear throughout the fall. It's perfect to throw on when the morning starts out a little colder and it warms throughout the day. Plus, the lining and corduroy collar are adorable, and the coat comes in a few colors! I'm wearing a size Small— it's a little big but I like that I can fit a heavier sweater or hoodie underneath.

That's all for this week! We're planning to enjoy some time outside this weekend as we're supposed to have some beautiful weather. I hope you have the same!


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