Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Er... Friday the 13th that is. In the year 2020. Insert stressed face emoji here. This week has been filled with tons of work, wine, and watching Netflix in the evenings. I recently finished the Haunting of Bly Manor, and I have to say I was really into it in the beginning, but was disappointed by the ending. It felt so drawn out... anyone else think so? And now at the recommendation of my mom and sister, I'm watching the Queen's Gambit. It's so good so far! The other show that Les and I started on HBO is The Undoing with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant. It's right up my alley because it's in the genre of book I typically read; the first episode started out sort of slow, but by the end of it I was hooked.

It's sad that the bulk of my life updates revolve around what shows we're watching thees days, but with COVID cases on the rise again in MA, we're not doing much else. Our friends occasionally ask us how wedding planning is going, but truthfully it was all-but-finished when we decided to postpone back in April, so not much to report there! I have, however, been really missing my wedding dress recently and am tempted to try it on next time we're at my parent's in Maine where it's being stored. Although that said, I did have a stress dream the other night that I went to my first fitting, and they had added huge rhinestones down the front that I hadn't asked for. Again, insert stress faced emoji.

I guess the only other news is that the bridesmaids dresses are ready, and I need to pick those up soon! They were ordered back in February and then super delayed because of the pandemic (although I'm confident we would have had them in time had we not postponed). But the manufacturer was catching up on orders based on wedding dates, so my girls' dresses were pushed back until very recently. So that will be a a little bright spot when they try them on for the first time!

Anyways, here are my Friday Favorites this week!! I'm excited to start sharing more things geared toward colder weather and the holidays, but for now here's a kind of random smattering of what I've been loving!

1. Pink Gingham Athleisure Set

This look was my What I'm Wearing Weekly post from this week, but it's a set so nice I'm sharing it twice! Plus, the leggings and sports bra are both 50% right now! I wrote all about my struggle with the current New England weather earlier in the week, but basically we went from a lovely fall to this 70° in-between season. I'm not a fan. But it did allow me to break in this new set that I thought would be put away until spring! P.S. my pink seersucker mask is here!

2. Rifle Paper Co. Patterned Masks

By now my love for Rifle Paper Co. is no secret. Speaking of, have you seen their new headbands and scrunchies?! I came across these masks made from Rifle fabric on Etsy and was beyond thrilled. They just came in yesterday and they're even prettier in person. I'm not going to lie, I'm super excited that I actually have a notebook in the same pink pattern that I use for wedding planning... so this spring when I go to some of my planning appointments I will 100% be the bride with the matching mask and notebook. And then the black one has this beautiful gold pattern overlaying it and it screams New Years Eve party. Ironically the only NYE party I plan to attend will be on my couch with Les and the pupno mask neededbut I'm sure this will get some wear this holiday season nonetheless!

3. L.L. Bean Quilted Sweatshirt

I have been eyeing this L.L. Bean quilted pullover for quite some time (multiple seasons even) and I finally went for it because it was on sale at Nordstrom. And, as tempted as I was to order it in my go-to neutral cream or grey, I took a chance on this plum color and I'm so glad I did. How pretty is this for fall? It's a hue I don't really have in my wardrobe at all so it's a great addition. Now the challenge is to not go back for the grey one too... It's mostly sold out at Nordstrom now, but still fully stocked at L. L. Bean! P.S. I'm in in X-Small.

4. Plaid Wool Headband

All I have to say here is that I'm so glad the headband trend has been sticking around. There's nothing like throwing on some last-minute makeup and a headband to become virtual-meeting ready. This plaid wool one from J. Crew didn't disappoint; I'm always a huge fan of the knotted style because of the illusion of volume that it gives. Admittedly I now have a headband for every day of the week.. and then some. You might say that's too many, and then I'd say "I don't want to hair that kind of negativity." See what I did there...? I'll see myself out.

5. Snickers & Apples Salad

You guys. I'm cracking up. Has anyone made snickers and apple salad before? I had never heard of this until my Auntie Johna made it at a family event yearsssssss ago. It's kind of like eating a cool-whip dipped caramel apple. I made it last night for Les and I because I had a craving for it and I thought I'd share it todayI mixed just a small container of cool whip, a chopped up green apple, and chopped mini snickers. My picture really isn't that great, so I went to see if I could link to someone else's blog with a legitimate recipe and photos. When I googled it, I found recipe after recipe that included vanilla pudding. So that's why I'm cracking up. Apparently I'm missing a pretty key ingredient?! I can't remember if my Aunt made it with pudding or not.... Auntie Johna, care to weigh in here? I'm sure it would taste a lot better, but hey: maybe mine is the diet version? ;)


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