Friday Favorites

We made it another week! And we're that much closer to Thanksgiving. I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a little time off from work with some turkey. Much like everyone else, (I hope!!!) our Thanksgiving will look a little different this year. Normally Les and I alternate between families for Thanksgiving— either at his parent's with his dad's family, or at my aunt's with my dad's family. This year we were supposed to be in upstate New York at his parent's, but COVID of course had other plans. So instead, it will just be four of us: my parents, and Les and I.

And so, all we can do, quite literally, is be thankful for the health of each other and our families, and look forward to what will hopefully be more in-person celebrations in 2021. I for one am adamant about doing my part to make sure we all get out of this as quickly as possible.

But on to a happier note! It's Friday Favorites time. And, even before you get to those, be sure to check out my Christmas Wishlist that I posted on Monday! It's almost like a Friday Favorites list, but it's of course filled with things I don't yet own myself. Hopefully it will give you some ideas if you're shopping for someone, or to add to your own list when you're faced with the question of "what do you want for Christmas this year?"


1. Letters to Santa Ornament

While we're on the subject of Christmas...every year my mom gets my sister and I an ornament —usually one that we pick out while we're out shopping together at holiday markets. But this year, being relegated to online shopping, I chose this one from Rifle Paper Co. (of course). Our tree is a mix of more natural looking ornaments with pops of red (does anyone else try to keep their ornaments to a certain color palette? Of course I know that will change when we have kids, despite my best efforts, hah). I loved this vintage/classic looking Letters to Santa ornament, and I plainly refused to go the toilet paper/2020 sucks route, though I've seen those ornaments in abundance! 2020 can't take my Santa spirit away.

2. J. Crew Nordic Boots

Believe it or not, for as long as I've been living in New England (aka my whole life) I actually don't have a good quality winter boot. I normally trudge around in Uggs or rain boots in inclement weather. So this season, I decided to hunt around for a warm, waterproof pair of boots that will get me through the snow. When I first tried these boots on out of the box, it seriously felt like I was putting a cloud on my foot. These are SO soft and comfortable, and how cute are the two lace options that come with them? The other cool thing is you can un-roll the sherpa cuff around the ankle for a different look. Les definitely tried to argue with me that these were more about style than function, but they have tons of rave reviews that speak to their quality. They don't come in half sizes, so I went with a 7 since I'm normally between a 6.5 and 7 anyways. They fit perfectly with room for a warm sock!

3. Sherpa Quarter Zip

Speaking of feeling like you're wrapped in a cloud, I'm wearing this sherpa sweater right now! And I may or may not have concealed a dachshund ~inside~ this sweater while I was working at my desk a little while ago. (See my friend Hannah for a hilarious screenshot of my snapchat). Who doesn't need an oversized sweater to cozy up in right now? You can bet you'll find me in this sherpa pullover, some leggings, and my new boots all winter long.

4. Aerie Cold Weather Essentials

When I bout the sherpa pullover, I also scooped up these mittens and this hat, both in the beige colors they were offered in. I wanted to share because I couldn't help but think that these would make a perfect set to gift to someone, maybe even with the sweater too! If you're looking for a no-brainer gift for really any girl or woman in your life, you can't go wrong with something soft and sweet. The mittens might be the plushiest things I've ever put on my hands. The hat is sold out in the beige color that I got, so I'm linking instead to the grey hat and mittens! It's worth noting that the sherpa pullover also comes in grey! Talk about a perfect pairing.

5. HRH: So Many Thoughts on Royal Style

And we'll end with another great gift idea! I have actually shared the Instagram account of the author of this book, Elizabeth Holmes, on the blog before. I started following Elizabeth and her royal style commentary a few years ago at the suggestion of my friend Hannah (two shout-outs in one post for Hannah!). She just published a book of commentary on the fashion and style of four of the most influential royals of our time: Queen Elizabeth, Lady Diana, Kate Middleton, and Meghan Markle. The title is HRH (which stands for Her Royal Highness): So Many Thoughts (a nod to her Instagram commentary) on Royal Style. I pre-ordered the book back in July when it was first announced and I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I thought this was just going to be a beautiful coffee table book to add to my collection (and, make no mistake, it is a beautiful book). But it's actually been a fascinating read! Since receiving it in the mail on Tuesday, I've already made it through the first three sections and just have the section on Meghan left.

If you're a fan of The Crown or the royal family in general, this book is an incredible keepsake. I'll also admit that I am reinvigorated with some shopping and style inspiration from some of Kate's looks. I'm curious which royal style you identify with out of these four beautiful women? They're so different, and their styles have evolved in such interesting ways, with more meaning behind them than you'd think! Pair this book with a headband, and you've got a great gift for the royal or fashion aficionado in your life.

That's all I have for this week. If I'm not back here next week (ya just never know with me these daysfor being primarily at home I've almost never been busier with work), I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe, socially distanced Thanksgiving! Gobble gobble.


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