Friday Favorites

Thank GOODNESS it is Friday, friends. I've been in a funk all week because of the weather...I wish it looked more like this photo but it feels like it's been raining for a month straight here. But, now that we've made it to the weekend I can feel my mood turning around because....... IT'S KELLY'S BRIDAL SHOWER WEEKEND!!! I'm so excited for everything that my mom, myself, and Kelly's future MIL have been working on to come together, and I can't wait to share all the details! Until then, here are a few fun Friday Favorites.

1. Savor Keepsake Boxes

Recently, while I've been working out or folding laundry, I've been watching old episodes of Married at First Sight on Lifetime. That led to me following one of the couples on Instagram (who are still together and just had a baby!!), and, finally, that in turn led to me discovering Savor Keepsake Boxes after the bride shared them on her page. I had never heard of these before but now I'll definitely be putting them on my shower/wedding registry!! They are a sort of modern-day scrapbook concept; they're boxes that are made to look like a large book or album, and they're made up of little drawers and folders where you can keep things like mementos from your wedding day-- your invitation, wedding favors, dried flowers, notes between you and your groom, etc. I'm in love.

2. Hello Fresh

Les and I jumped on the meal-kit bandwagon a few months ago, and ever since then we've been getting three meals from Hello Fresh delivered every other week. There are so many meal-kits and plans out there, so I thought it was worth sharing that we've really been enjoying Hello Fresh! Things I love about it:

-For each meal, the kit has exactly how much of everything you'll need, which is a great way to avoid buying one whole (expensive) jar of some spice that you only need a little of.

-There are step-by-step directions with pictures.

-Each meal only takes between 25 and 45 minutes to make.

-There's been a huge variety week-to-week of meals to choose from, including protein-filled, vegetarian, and seafood options.

3. Mix and Match Mama's Blog

Bear with me for a second here... much like the Savor Keepsake Boxes we need to take a round-about way to get to this next Favorite. For years I've watched The Bachelor/The Bachelorette. If you have too, then you likely know about Sean and Catherine Lowe, one of the cutest and strongest couples to come out of the show. Well, I of course started following the two of them on Instagram back in 2013 when their season aired, and one day Sean shared something about his sister, Shay's, blog, Six years later and I've been reading her blog almost every weekday morning. It's my favorite thing to do first thing in the morning while I'm sipping my tea or coffee. For starters, and this circles back to Favorite number 2 on this list, Shay is a cookbook author and posts "Meal Planning Monday" posts with really easy recipes to follow for the whole week. This has definitely helped with my struggle to meal plan and grocery shop.

But, beyond that, Shay often partners with stores like Nordstrom to show some great pieces and outfits-- she is definite style and beauty inspiration. And, lastly but most importantly, I've loved following along with her posts about her family and her four kids, including two BEAUTIFUL girls that she and her husband adopted from China. Some of you know that I've talked about wanting to adopt eventually. Who knows if it'll ever actually come to fruition, but watching Shay's daughters' journeys from the moment her family brought them home has been really fun, and really inspiring.

4. Hey Ladies by Michelle Markowitz

I'm actually surprised this is the first week I've featured a book in my Friday Favorites. I've always LOVED reading-- I was an English major in college, one of my favorite classes that I took was "Modern Bestseller," and last year I averaged 6 books per month. Since the New Year, I've had a bit more going on so I've slowed down a little. But, in the midst of planning both mine and my sister's weddings I remembered this book I read last year and 100% knew I had to recommend it. Hey Ladies! by Michelle Markowitz is written as if it's an email chain between a bride and her bridesmaids (and sometimes the mother of the bride), and it's hysterical. I should clarify, that it in NO WAY reflects the experience that I'm having as my sister's MOH, or with my own bridesmaids, and I'm so lucky for that. But this really is a quick, hilarious read that is very relatable to my generation. Looking for a laugh? Try Hey Ladies!, and then steer clear of using that phrase to start an email chain ever again. :)

5. The first pictures Les and I ever took

In honor of Les and I having our first professional pictures-- our engagement photos-- taken next week (weather permitting!!) I thought it would be fun to post the first pictures that we ever took together when we first met seven and a half years ago. The first was taken the day after we met... so crazy! After meeting at a party the night before (you can read more about that here) we met up with two other friends with a blanket to hang out in a nearby park (we're the two on the left). And, truthfully, the rest is history.

This second one was taken about a month after we met/started dating. We were in Les's freshman dorm playing Heart & Soul on his keyboard. How sweet is that?

Ok- that wraps up this week. Again... any sunshine vibes you can send this way for Kelly's Shower and our engagement pictures would be MUCH appreciated. :) See you Monday, hopefully for details and photos from Kelly's shower if I can get the post put together in time!!


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