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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I am VERY excited for all of the festiveness I have in-store for this weekend. For starters, we're finally going to my sister's to cut down our Christmas tree! I say finally because I've had the rest of our Christmas decor up for a few weeks now, and the tree is the final touch!AND, there's a chance we'll see our first snow this weekend, which makes it that much more special. I always love the first snow of the season! Lastly, I have alllll the presents to wrap, which is one of my favorite holiday hobbies, if you will. So I have big plans to put on a Christmas movie and wrap away! So far we've watched Elf, A Christmas Story, and the Grinch. What should I watch next?!

In the spirit of soon-to-be-snow, I wanted to kick off my Friday Favorites with some cold-weather gear. But first, did you see my post from earlier this week? I shared a few outfits I wish I was going to be wearing this holiday season if we were still partying and gathering like usual. There are some beautiful pieces that might be worth putting away until next year!

Now, on to Friday Favorites.

1. Lululemon Brave the Cold Jacket

This coat from Lululemon has been a staple in my winter wardrobe for three years now. I love it SO much that after an unfortunate incident involving a space heater in my office, I tracked another one down on eBay when the coat wasn't being offered anymore. But this season I noticed that it's back (in a slightly updated design) so I had to share! It's the perfect lightweight puffer that keeps me plenty warm in New England without being bulky. I wore it when we were up in Vermont one year around the holidays standing outside for hours watching a parade in what I think was 10° weather, and the only part of me that was cold were my toes! It also has a removable hood that I leave on the majority of the time because it comes in handy when it's snowing.

I also just think it's more flattering than your average puffer jacket because of its lack of bulk. It's been a great buy and, as long as you don't leave it too close to a space heater, it holds up really well. :) As far as size goes, I'm usually between a 2 and 4; I went with a 4 in this coat so I would have room for a sweater, sweatshirt, or scarf underneath!

2. Ugg Faux Fur Boots

The other thing I wanted to share, as far as winter wardrobe staples go, are these boots I just found from Ugg. They're faux fur on the inside, waterproof on the outside, and will be perfect to wear all winter in the slush and snow. I usually size up to a 7 in any sort of boot, but actually found that these ran just a tad big so I stuck with the 6.5 and still have room for a warm sock. Just need a snowy day so I can sport these incredibly comfy shoes! P.S. my vest is here, although it's sold out in black.

3. Cookbook/iPad Stand

So this was actually on our wedding registry, and I broke down and bought it a few weeks back. When we cook, we're usually following a recipe off of my iPad from Pinterest, or a sheet of paper from our Hello Fresh boxes. This marble cookbook stand is just one of those things that has made me a little more sane when working in our kitchen. We have kind of limited prep space, so it's nice to have a designated spot for either the iPad or our recipe cards. And, it would even work for a cookbook (imagine that!). I kind can't help but laugh at the fact that it's marked as "On Sale" for a "Limited Time Deal" because in reality it's marked down exactly $2.50. Is that really considered on-sale?! Also, I should note that the first one that I got in the mail actually arrived broken, but I was able to get a replacement free-of-charge.

4. I Do Perfume

If you're new here... hi. My name is Lisa and I am a sucker for all things bridal. I'd like to blame it on the fact that we had to postpone our wedding by a year so I'm kind of going all-in on the bride-to-be thing? But in reality I think I would have done the same even if we had only been engaged a year and a half as intended. 0:) My latest find? This "I Do" perfume from Anthropologie. To be fair, Les needed stocking stuffer ideas for me and I thought this would be perfect. I love love love the idea that I'll wear this on our wedding day, and then on special occasions after we're married. Hopefully the scent will take us right back to what I'm sure will be the absolute best day. Talk about a great gift idea for any bride-to-be!

5. Ugg Socks

Speaking of stocking stuffers, one more cozy item to round out this week's Favorites. I have a few pairs of these socks, and they're just the best. I typically buy them during the Anniversary Sale in the summer when they're discounted, but they're a great idea if you're looking for something a little luxe to put in someone's stocking! They're soft as can be, and so comfy to wear around the house with leggings and a sweater. Especially when, like me, you live with someone who won't let you touch the thermostat. They say girls choose a guy like their dad, right?

Enjoy your weekend. :)

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