Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! This was a long (but awesome) week: Kelly’s Bridal Shower was Sunday, engagement photos were Monday, and I had a big work event last night. I'm looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend and to celebrating my Mom x2 (more on that below...). Here are this week's Friday Favorites!

1. My Radio Debut

Well friends, I'm quitting my job, shutting down the blog, and giving in to my calling as a radio personality.........just kidding. But I did have my radio debut Tuesday morning on Mix 104.1! Every morning on my way to work I listen to Mix, and just before 9am they play a round of pop culture trivia called "Can't Beat Kennedy." The idea is to get more questions right than one of the hosts. I was on my way to work a little earlier than usual on this particular morning; otherwise, I don't usually hear the trigger to start calling in to play. It was very much on a whim that I decided to dial in, and to my surprise after a few rings I hear, "Hello this is Mix!" The producer asked me about myself and if I had anything interesting to share if I made it on air. I told him about spending around 3 hours in Boston taking our engagement pictures the night before, which I guess was just interesting enough! Next thing I know I'm on hold while they play two more songs, and then I'm on the air to play Can't Beat Kennedy!!! You can listen here (go to 13:00) to find out if I won the grand prize of $100..

Regardless of whether or not you beat Kennedy, participants always get a consolation prize just for playing. On this morning, it was a 4 pack of tickets to Edaville Family Amusement Park in Carver, MA. It's geared to little ones (the main attractions are Thomas the Tank Engine Train Ride and Dino Land) so the plan is to contact a youth organization once I pick up the tickets and donate them to a less fortunate family for some summer fun! What a whirlwind, and all before 9am!

2. Drybar

Speaking of our engagement photos, I wanted to share how happy I was with my experience having my hair done at Drybar before the shoot! This was only my second time going to Drybar. The first was for Les's sister's wedding two years ago, and I went in wanting my hair to be straight (like I normally wear it) with a little bit of volume. Unfortunately, I let the stylist talk me into big curls that I didn't end up loving. So this time, I knew I had to stand my ground. Luckily, the stylist I had this time (who was also a bride to be!) knew exactly what I was going for. Mostly, I just wanted to look like myself and not overdone. For $49 it was well worth it to have my hair washed, blown out, and styled just before we started the shoot and have it look just a tad more voluminous than usual. I can't WAIT to get our photos back and to share them with you all!

3. Birdies Bridal Slippers

I'm. In. Love. With these slippers. I forget where I first saw these... I'm thinking it was probably an Instagram ad (see? I'm a sucker for those ads). They are even more beautiful in person, and they feel like heaven on your feet. The quilting detail and stones are perfect, and these will be so sweet to have on the morning of my wedding for all of the getting ready shots. AND they'll also be so great to change into when I'm ready to ditch my heels during our reception! They'll have me looking bridal all day, and I think they'll also be a really nice keepsake. One more thing... after ordering my pair I saw them pop up again on Lonestar Southern's blog. Kelly from the blog is also getting married (I have three important Kellys in my life right now... my sister, our photographer, and blogger Kelly) and she recently posted that she bought her own pair of Birdies slippers, in a different style, after seeing them on none other than MEGHAN MARKLE! So I'm basically royal now, right?

4. Leith Ruched Tank Dress from Nordstrom

I can't say enough good things about this Leith brand ruched body-con tank dress from Nordstrom. I bought it first in navy heather (on the right), and loved it so much that I bought it in black. Amazingly, it also comes in 9 other colors-- I'm loving the green and both the light and dark grey versions, too. The ruching makes it super flattering through the waist and hips, and it feels almost like a jersey material so it's really comfortable. I know I'm going to live in these dresses out and about this summer because they're so easy to throw on and look put together. The black one could totally be dressed up for a night out!

P.S. My shoes are Italian Shoemakers brand and they are the most comfortable pair of sandals I own. I bought them for our trip to Europe last summer and continue to love them when I have a lot of walking to do. I can't find my exact pair, but DSW has a similar version here.

5. My Mama

Please allow me to be sappy for a second... In honor of Mother's Day this weekend, my mama rounds out this Friday's Favorites. I love the picture of her on the right because I looked so much like her at that age. Want to know why my mom is twice as special? Because it's also her birthday on Mother's Day! My mom has been my rock for my whole entire life. She truly is one of my best friends and I talk to her everyday about everything, so let me introduce you!

My mom, Deb, recently retired from her job as the director of an art gallery in Connecticut, and she and my dad found their dream property in Maine. Their house, even though they have only owned it for two years, is my favorite place in the world. When I'm there, my mom and I love to play games like Scrabble, Rummikub, and Bananagrams. When she's not out in her garden, my mom is volunteering as an ambulance driver for their town, or spending as much time with her immediate or extended family as possible. This weekend to celebrate my mom, we're doing her very favorite thing-- having some girl time! My mom, Kelly, and I will have brunch near my sister in Portsmouth, NH, and then go back to Kelly's while she opens her gifts from her bridal shower. A little champagne, some presents, and some quality Randall girl time. Cheers to you, mama llama, and happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!


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