Friday Favorites: Halloween Edition

Happy November, and happy day-after-Halloween! Les and I are definitely bummed that this spooky season has come to a close. We managed to watch more Halloween movies this month than I can remember or count, but we saved our favorite for last night: Hocus Pocus. And while we love almost every aspect of the fall, Halloween, and October, we aren't actually into costumes that much! This isn't for any particular reason, we just have never really been that creative or willing to invest that much into dressing up. In fact, I thought about sharing a few pictures of past Halloweens, but I couldn't even find a photo of us dressed up past our college days...and those really don't need to be shared. :) So instead, here are a few of my favorite things from Halloween 2019!

1. Xoxo, Gossip Girl

At work yesterday, my friend Melody was the Serena to my Blair from Gossip Girl! The best part about this costume? It isn't too far off from anything I'd wear on a normal basis.... actually I'd wear this entire outfit on any given day, to be honest. Which meant I didn't have to buy anything to add to it! My favorite kind of costume. And, as a bonus, our office was the perfect setting to pose like we were waiting in the headmaster's office at the Constance Billard School for Girls... where "you have to be cold to be queen." I may just have to go re-watch the series now because Blair is definite #stylegoals.

2. Nestlie the Pig

We've (ok, I've) bought Nestlie plenty of costumes over the years, but her piggy costume is one of our favorites. How could it not be?! We tried to get a few photos of her in our little pumpkin patch, but she only cooperated for a few before she we just done (see photo number two). Unfortunately, we didn't get any trick-or-treaters so no one but us got to enjoy how perfect she looked. I'm not sure if it was because of our location in an apartment building or the incredibly high winds we had, but hopefully we'll get some next year!

3. Our Pumpkin Patch

What was even more of a shame is that no one else got to enjoy our pumpkins! Normally I carve them way too early, but we strategically waited until this past Sunday so that they would still be in good shape for Halloween. And, of course, it was too rainy and windy the past few nights for them to even stay lit. Actually, a few minutes after we took this picture our Boxwood tree fell over and we had to put everything down on our porch. But, hopefully our neighbors at least enjoyed them for a little while. The pup (which I'm proud to say was done free-hand) is my favorite, but I also love the 'K' for my future last name. :)

Hope everyone had a fun and warm Halloween! Until next week... xoxo, Gossip Girl. (Just kidding.)


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