Friday Favorites: Our Christmas Decor

I. Love. Christmas. If I could, I would leave our Christmas decorations up all year long. I feel like these past three years I've actually been jilted a bit when it comes to enjoying the tree and lights and festive decor. In 2017, we moved from Boston to the North Shore right before Christmas. So while we got a tree, we weren't fully settled in yet and didn't fully decorate. Last year, we moved to a new place in the same town right after Christmas, so all of the decorations came down right away. And this year, Thanksgiving was so late and we didn't get to decorating until the second week of December. Maybe I'll leave them up a little while later into January than we normally would (if Taylor Swift says it's ok, it must be).

In any case, this is our first Christmas in our current apartment and I had so much fun decorating. Les really loves any sort of illumination project, too, so he helped me put lights & garland up on our outside railing. If it were up to him, we'd have colorful Christmas lights, but we made an agreement that he could decorate however he wanted for Halloween (if you'll recall our purple and orange lights...) and I could put up the classic white lights that I grew up with. I love the way it turned out, especially when the garland becomes a little snow-covered. It's such a beautiful sight to come home to, especially because you can see our lights from our road when you're driving by or pulling in. So without further ado, here's our cozy home all decked out for Christmas! A lot of what we have (throw blankets & pillows, wreaths, our deer, etc) have been bought over the years, but I'll link to anything that's newer or still available online at the end!

I love cuddling up under these lights with Les for a Christmas movie. :) One more note... the painting right before the picture I took of our kitchen-- I almost forgot to include it because that's actually my little slice of Christmas that hangs in our apartment all year. I love it because you can't really tell that it's "Christmas themed" at first glance. It just sort of looks like a farm or colonial scene. But can you tell what it is? Here's a hint... count each character or animal.... Comment below if you figured it out!

That's it for today... be sure to come back Monday for what I think will be my last post of the year: our Christmas card reveal!

Gingham & Sherpa Throw Blanket: Pottery Barn / Advent Calendar: Paper Source / Mini Boxwood Wreathes: Amazon / Red & Pom Pom Table Runner: Target / Dish Towel, Oven Mitt & Pot Holder: kate spade / Tiny Holiday House Village: Paper Source


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