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Friday Favorites

It's Friday and it's time for some favorites! I mentioned this to some extent in my post earlier this week, but does anyone else feel like they're in some sort of a time warp right now? I'm SO thrilled that it's finally 2021, but I also can't believe January is already almost over?! I emailed my colleague asking for another copy of something she sent me "a few weeks ago" and she responded with "do you mean the thing I sent you in October...?" Yes. That's what I meant. Apparently October feels like a few weeks ago to me. TIME IS SO STRANGE during this weird, weird season of life that we're all in.

Before we get back to Friday Favorites (finally I've been on a bit of a break), don't forget to check out my first What I'm Wearing Weekly of 2021 that I posted on Wednesday! I featured my favorite, favorite, favorite jacket.

And now on to five things I have been loving lately! Starting, of course, with a little fashion.

1. Velvet Bodysuit

First up is this killer velvet balloon-sleeve body suit! I shared it on my instagram when I wore it on Christmas Eve but I hadn't shared it yet on here. I noticed that it's back in very limited stock in green, but it's fully stocked (and on sale!) in black which is a great addition to any wardrobe now that the holidays are over. I paired mine with high-waisted jeans, but how great would this look with a skirt, too? Even though my Christmas was just my immediate family this year, we all still agreed to get a little dressed up on Christmas Eve... and these fun balloon sleeves were just what I needed. P.S. my black jeans are here and they run true to size!

2. HRH Sweatshirt

If you're a fan and follower of the Royal Family like I am, then I don't need to tell you what HRH stands for. But in case you're not, it's the short-hand for His or Her Royal Highness! It's often used on social media when referencing the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, and of course used to appear in front of Meghan Markle's title, as well. Les gave me this sweatshirt for Christmas and when I opened it he said "this is because you're my princess!"

Just kidding. Can you imagine? He is NOT that cheesy. :) In reality this was on my Christmas wishlist after I spotted it on a gift guide compiled by none other than Elizabeth Holmes, author of HRH: So Many Thoughts on Royal Style (you can read me gush about the book here). I have long enjoyed following the Royals and in particular royal fashionespecially that of Kate's. Elizabeth's book was one of my favorite additions to my collection toward the end of last year, and I kid you not this sweatshirt has been my most-worn item of clothing so far in 2021. I primarily have been wearing it around the apartment with leggings and slippers like you see me here, but I can see it just as easily with white shorts this summer. It's a delightful little gift with some character. I wasn't sure if I would end up opening it this Christmas, but my Prince came through. ;) Also, my slippers are here and headband is here!

3. J. Crew Factory PJs

Another item off my Christmas wishlist that I was thrilled to open were these knit pjs from J. Crew Factory from my sweet Grandma June! These are just so soft and comfy, and very cute with the white piping detail. I'm hoping they come back in stock in navy, as well! I tend to size up in pjs for a looser fit, but these are in my usual size Small and they're perfect! I always find J. Crew to run very true to size a reason I love the brand.

4. Under $25 Shift Dress

Ok, sort of random and off season but I happened to stumble across one of my favorite work dresses online and on sale for less than $25 last night! I love an easy dress like this for spring and summer in the office. It may not be warm out, and I may not be leaving my house much these days, but a girl can dream, right?! If we're already prepping for spring, it's also worth mentioning that I'd live in my sandals year-round if I could. And, I've had my navy Ella nylon tote for years. Voila! A complete outfit.

5. Stillwater Girls by Minka Kent

The last favorite I want to share this week is one of the latest books I've read, primarily because it was the quickest book I've read in recent memory! I started it one night after getting into bed early, maybe around 8pm? I had the next day off from work, so I ended up finishing it later that morning! It was one of those stories that definitely keeps you intrigued, and it didn't turn out how I thought it was going to (love when that happens). The characters were likable and it was just a satisfying read. It's free for Amazon prime readers, so I thought it was worth recommending if you're looking for a quick page-turner! Also, next Wednesday I'll be sharing a few more books that I've read over the past month or so on my What's Up Wednesday post, so be sure to come back next week for that!

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