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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! This week flew by. Yesterday I texted my friend Hannah (who is celebrating her BIRTHDAY today, by the way) and greeted her with happy Wednesday. She replied, "Lisa I hate to break it to you, but today is Thursday." Whoops. :) On Monday, we were all sent home early from my office because of the snow storm and then worked remotely on Tuesday as it kept snowing and sleeting. In the "old days," that would have been a snow day for my office. Funny how those aren't a thing anymore! Anyways it was probably for the best because I'm in one of my busiest seasons at work. But, I've still had some time for the blog, and of course some Friday favorites.

Last week I shared my first ever video (eeek!) on my easy makeup routine, and then earlier this week I shared a some wedding registry inspiration (including some beautiful custom pieces) and why Les and I decided to use Zola. And then Wednesday was a little What I'm Wearing Weekly, featuring a very important, and persistent guest. And now...on to today's post!

1. Quilted Barbour Jacket

Hands down, this is my favorite purchase and probably most worn from any Nordstrom Anniversary sale. I bought my Barbour quilted jacket two years ago. This past year's version sold out during the sale in July, but it's now fully stocked back at Nordstrom Rack in both black and a sort of burnt orange color! I can't say enough good things about this jacket and about Barbour as a brand. I have a raincoat, winter parka, waxed jacket (that I wrote about here) and then this quilted one and they're all such great quality.

I did, though, have a bit of a mishap with this jacket during the first fall that I had it. I was in my office and walked by an old countertop that had a sort of a sharp piece peeling off of the side; it caught on the back of my jacket and tore it. I was SO disappointed because I had truly been living in this piece. But, that's the amazing thing about Barbour! I mailed it into them and they replaced the torn section of my coat with a new quilted square and it was good as new! I think it cost me like $25 to fix? Well worth it so that I wouldn't need to replace the whole thing. For size reference, Barbour does tend to run a bit snug in the shoulders and chest. I'm in a US 6 here, whereas my typical size in other brands, like J. Crew, would be a 2.

2. Sweater Lounge Set

I shared this set earlier in the week on Instagram and the pants in black have since sold out (for the second time), but these are almost exactly the same and, judging by the reviews, are just as cozy. Also, the exact ones I'm wearing are still available in tan. Anyways, I joked that if, like me, you're working from home with a partner who won't let you touch the thermostat then this set is for you. The pants are the softest and warmest sweater material, and it's like being wrapped in a blanket that you can walk in. My sweater is sold out too, but there are similar ones here and here!

3. Wedding Guest Dress

Here's something that will have us thinking about warmer weather, and weddings! I wore this dress to a wedding three and a half years ago and Lulus just brought it back, and in another print, too! I loved the royal blue color and the soft florals that accent it. The back is also stunning, in my opinion! Lulus is such a great option for wedding guest dresses and I love that they offer free returns. Hopefully there will be tons of spring and summer weddings in everyone's future this year! P.S. How cute if my fiancé?

4. Custom Puzzle

I meant to share this after cute is this custom puzzle?! My bridesmaid Ashley (who is ALSO a birthday girl, it's her 30th tomorrow!!!) sent this to me as a Christmas gift and I squealed. It features one of our engagement photos... how sweet is that? And also probably the hardest puzzle I've ever done because all of the colors were really soft and pastel. It was a great winter weekend activity, and such an incredible gift idea!

5. Buffalo Chicken Salad

Yum. That's all I really need to say. But of course I'm going to say more :). This salad was delicious, and so refreshing in the middle of winter! It features buffalo chicken, bell peppers, jalapeños, tomato, black beans, and romaine. And it was gooooood. The "dressing" was just lime juice and olive oilso easy! Les and I had it for dinner one night, along with some tortillas on the side (anyone else like to just toast up a plain tortilla) and then again the next day for lunch. Here's the recipe I followed! Also, don't you just love when your food comes out exactly like the picture on the recipe??

That's all for this week! I hope everyone has a nice, relaxing weekend and enjoys the Super Bowl! As a born and bred New Englander, and former Boston resident, I have to say that I do kind of want to see if Tom Brady can do it... anyone else?!

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