Friday Favorites

Hello, Friday. :) This week truly flew. It feels like it was yesterday that Les and I were having our own little Super Bowl party for two! My week included a few late nights on Zoom for work, but it was broken up by a very nice virtual 90th birthday party for my Grandma Bev on Wednesday. Imagine what we'd be doing without technology right now?! I'm also really excited that most of my grandparents have received either their first or second vaccination, Les's parents have received both of theirs, and my mom got her second shot yesterday. We're making progress, and that feels incredible.

Speaking of feeling incredible, I've been fully back in bridal mode recently! On Monday I shared over 70 bridal shower looks that I compiled after scouring the internet for what I'd like to wear to mine. Feel free to share with the bride-to-be in your life to make her shopping a little easier.

And now on to Friday Favorites!

1. J. Crew Barn Jacket

Guess what's on sale! I just noticed that my barn jacket from J.Crew is 30% off right now with code SPRING! On that note, can you believe we're already talking spring? It kind of feels like winter truly just began because we've been getting consistent snow here on the North Shore of MA these past few weeks. In fact, I've been sent home from work early two days in the past two weeks because of snow storms! And it's been the really beautiful kind of snow, too. Nice big, fluffy flakes! Anywaysthis jacket: it's the perfect lighter-weight layer for spring (or fall, for that matter), and the floral lining and corduroy collar are superb little details.

2. Karlie Wrap Romper

Remember this romper? It's still one of my most-worn summer pieces in my closet! I'm hoping it's a style that Lilly keeps around for a while, and I can't help but share every time there's a new pattern available, like this one here! It's definitely a bit of a splurge, but it's so comfortable, flattering, easy to wash, and well worth it in my opinion.

3. Charm Bracelet

I've been sharing a few of the incredible gifts I received this Christmas over the past few Fridays... you know, to keep the Christmas spirit alive. Only 317 days to go! Anyways, this is the beautiful charm bracelet that Les's parents gifted me, complete with the first charm: a little dachshund for my love Nestlie! Isn't that so special? I'm already thinking about the beautiful milestones that I'll be able to mark with this keepsake, like our wedding and when we start a family. It was one of the most thoughtful gifts! P.S. my trinket dish is from Rifle Paper Co.

4. Rifle Paper Co. Wall Calendar

Speaking of Rifle Paper Co., this calendar is my FAVORITE year after year to hang on the wall in my office. There's a beautiful floral pattern for each month, and plenty of space to write in your appointments or events. I actually didn't buy it this year, though, because I've been home three days a week and only in the office for two. However, even though we're already halfway through February I might snag it now at less than $11 (marked down from $26)! Plus, I'll be back in my office full-time in a week, so it would be nice to have a little something to brighten up my space.

5. The Family Upstairs

I just finished The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell and my head is still spinning a little. It was VERY intriguing, and each character's perspective was more compelling than the next. It was a nice long read, too, and definitely kept me interested enough to get into bed early every night to read over the past week or so. The story centers around a house in London in the 1980s and what befalls the family who lives there. It switches back from past and present day, and truly keeps you guessing at how everything will be tied up in the end. Also, some sections take place in Nice which was kind of fun to read because Les and I visited there a few years ago with my parents. I've been reading a lot of short thrillers recently, so it was nice to read a longer novel with a lot of dimension. While we're on the subject of Lisa Jewell's books, I also really enjoyed Girls in the Garden; I read it a few years ago and still recommend it to friends and family!

Lastly, before I go...

Look at that beautiful snow. :) Stay warm everyone!


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