Gifts for the Bride to Be

Fun fact: according to The Knot, 37% of engagements happen between November and February. It makes sense with the holiday season! I, myself, got engaged on Valentine's Day (you can read that story here). And even though we're not in peak engagement season yet, it seems like every other week there's someone on my social feed who got engaged— maybe on an end-of-summer hike, in a pumpkin patch, or in a romantic apple orchard! With that in mind, I wanted to share a few fun gift ideas today for the bride-to-be in your life. Some of these are gifts that I received when I got engaged, and some could make great presents during the holidays, too, if someone you exchange gifts with is newly engaged!

kate spade Bridal Planner

Something that I gifted my sister when she got engaged, and that she in turn gifted to me, was a kate spade bridal planner! Not only is this a practical place to keep track of your vendors, your guests, and you to-do list, this planner also makes a really cool keepsake. There are pages for you to save inspiration for things like your dress, hair styles, jewelry, reception decor, and more. One of the first things my sister and I did when she got engaged was put on a wedding movie (I think Bride Wars?) and clip images out of bridal magazines for her planner! This is definitely something I'll be bringing along when I (finally) have my appointments with my florist as well as my hair and makeup trials!

Bride Sweatshirt

It's honestly a wonder I haven't bought this myself yet. Especially right now while loungewear is "all the rage," this sweatshirt would make a perfect gift for any girl who gets engaged this fall or winter! Plus, it was created by one of my favorite bloggers, Sarah from Sarah's Love List. She was just married last month!

Bride Doodle T

Also from Sarah's Etsy shop, this adorable doodle t-shirt with a bridal motif! How fun is this shirt featuring a sort of bridal checklist? She sells these T's in a ton of other themes, too. Such a great gift idea!

Bride Tote

Not only will this be really cute to carry around, it's also a super practical gift! The bride-to-be can carry her shoes and veil and any other accessories she needs to dress appointments, or her planner and other notes to meetings with her vendors. There are a million and one options for custom totes on Etsy, but I love the simplicity of this one!

Ring Dish

Speaking of practical gifts, even though this one might seem a little obvious a bride can never have too many ring dishes. I have one on my dresser for when I'm showering and then one by the sink for when I'm washing the dishes.

Bride to Be Wedding Cake Candle

I love everything about this little gift, right down to the packaging! You can just tell it would make any recently-engaged girl smile to get this in the mail. This scent is "Wedding Cake" but it also comes in "Bridal Bouquet!"

Bride Hat

Ok back to a little more apparel—and speaking of, I'm going to admit that the plus-side of having a postponed wedding is being able to rock my bridal swag for another year :). How perfect is this hat for the fall?! Also surprised I haven't bought this for myself yet.... loving the navy!

Bridal PJs

I've confessed on here before that I have a thing for pajamas... as in I can't leave Target or Marshalls without wandering over to their pj section. Luckily that's subsided a bit during quarantine since I haven't been in either store since March! But that said, who wouldn't absolutely adore this pj set? Something to make a bride-to-be smile long after her wedding day!

Custom Denim Jacket

I have seen a ton of these custom bridal denim jackets on sites like Etsy and have alllll the plans to buy one for my bachelorette. I love a denim jacket in the summer, and I know I'll LOVE one with my new last name even more— think of how perfect this would for the honeymoon, too?! Dana's Closet on Instagram makes the most beautiful hand-painted ones. Just DM her to start working on a design! Anytime a bride gets to rock her new last name is sure to give her butterflies!

Monogramed Pitcher

And, speaking of new last names, initials, and monograms, how beautiful is this pitcher? When my bridesmaid Sarah got engaged a few of us sent her this pitcher/vase filled with flowers with her new initial on it! Ok technically the flowers shipped a lot faster than we thought and they arrived before the vase... but if you can time it better than I did, it makes a great gift!

Bride Tumbler

We all know I love my kate Spade "Miss to Mrs." coffee tumbler that I can often be seen sporting, but this one caught my eye on Etsy and I had to share. Perfect for the more trendy bride-to-be in your life!

Wedding Countdown

Love a wedding day countdown! My Grandma gave one like this to Les and I when we first got engaged, and we have loved updating it every few days as we count down to our big day. It was even more fun when we got to re-set it after postponing. ;) Ok less fun... it was actually less fun. BUT we passed the 365 day mark again! We're definitely getting good use out of this baby.

Engagement Ornament

Last but not least, how special is this ornament? It's such a cool way to commemorate a couple's engagement, especially if happened while traveling to somewhere new or at home in the city they love. One of my favorite parts of Christmas growing up was pulling out ornaments that my parents received for their wedding. This would definitely be a keepsake that any couple would look forward to displaying every Christmas!

Hopefully that gives you a few ideas for any newly engaged girls in your life! Or, let's be real, for yourself if you're a bride-to-be. Reveling in all things bridal is one of the most fun parts of being engaged, so live it up and spread the love!


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