Wish I Were Wearing: Holiday Edition

It's December Eve! Isn't that hard to believe? It feels like it came out of nowhere and has been taking forever to get here all at the same time. I have officially started to listen to my Christmas playlist (if you missed it, find it on my post from last Wednesday) and the present-wrapping has commenced! It's around this time that I would normally start to think about what I would wear on Christmas Eve at my Pop Pop and Grandma's, Christmas morning waking up at my other Grandma's, and Christmas Day with Les's family. Christmas Eve, in particular, is always a little bit of a fancy affair with my mom's family, which I love!

Funny story about our Christmas Eve, actually. All of the grandkids have stockings at my Pop Pop and Grandma June's, and after you get married your stocking is officially retired. So last Christmas, I opened my final stuffed-by-Grandma-June stocking ahead of what would have been mine and Les's wedding this past September. A week ago as I unpacked all of our Christmas decorations and uncovered my inherited stocking, I realized to my delight that I would get ONE MORE YEAR!!! Talk about an upside to postponing a wedding. But in a sad 2020-style irony, we won't be gathering at my Pop Pop's anyways, nor will I see them this Christmas. Sigh.

In any case, my little immediate family bubble has decided that we'll still get dressed up a little on Christmas Eve... because, why not? Might as well keep as much festivity and cheer as we can, even if we can't be with all of the ones we love. So, if you'll be apart from your family this holiday season, know that you're not alone. And, if like our family you still plan to get a all dolled up, I hope you find a little inspiration below in my holiday edition of What I Wish I Were Wearing! Much like I shared this summer, these are all the outfits I wish I could be wearing if it weren't for all of the cancelled parties, festivals, and gatherings this season! Each piece is from a brand I love and trust. Enjoy. :)

Chic in Green

Black Turtleneck | Green Pleated Skirt | Black Purse | Black Booties | Necklace | Earrings

Classic in Plaid

Bow Sweater | Plaid Skinny Pants | Suede Heels | Earrings | Gold Clutch

Festive in Red

Red Wool Coat | Velvet Blazer Dress | Bow Heels | Bow Clutch | Plaid Headband | Earrings

Cozy in Camel

Faux Fur Vest | White Sweater | Pencil Skirt | Suede Boots | Headband | Earrings | Bracelet


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