Kelly's Bachelorette Bags

This is the last post on Kelly's bachelorette.... I promise. It was just too good not to share all the details! If you missed my recap on the weekend, you can read Part I here and Part II here.

When I started thinking about what sort of theme, matching outfits, or gift bags I wanted to do for Kelly's bachelorette, I knew one thing for sure: there is such a thing as too much cheesiness. While we toyed around with shirts that said things like "Same Buoy Forever," "Mate of Honor," and that sort of thing, I ended up opting to surprise the girls with something a little more minimalist, as well as practical.

I loved that each item was truly something that each girl could use again. Inside of each beach bag, I also included bachelorette essentials such as make-up remover, dry shampoo, sunscreen, Dramamine, Advil, a granola bar, etc. I then actually shipped everything to Rosie in Connecticut and she very thoughtfully assembled the bags so that they were waiting on each girl's bed on the boat when we arrived! I was really pleased with the towels and bags, in particular, in terms of their quality. The towels took a while to ship with personalization, but they were well worth the wait; they're super soft and they dry really fast. The bags are burlap with a nice leather strap, an interior pocket, a zipper closure, and what seems like a waterproof lining inside.

The other incredibly adorable item that each girl received were these wine tumblers that said "Kelly's Last Sail before the Veil: Martha's Vineyard." These were a gift from our gracious hostess, Rosie. Not only did they make perfect sense for the boat to minimize spillage, they are such a great keepsake!

When Kelly saw her beach bag, Turkish towel, sunhat, and tumblers, she said everything was perfectly curated to her taste; that was our goal, and the best compliment to receive!

Sunhats: Etsy | Turkish Towels: Etsy | Beach Bags: Etsy | Wine Tumbler: Etsy


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