Kelly's Last Sail before the Veil: Part II

We left off having arrived in Edgartown Harbor, Martha's Vineyard Friday night. Saturday morning, we pinched ourselves after having woken up on an incredible boat (ahem, *yacht, as Kelly kept reminding me) to breathtaking views and the most PERFECT weather. Kelly and I were the first ones up and we spent a few quiet moments talking about how surreal the weekend had already been so far. Once the rest of the girls were up, we enjoyed breakfast aboard the Panacea and then radioed for launch service to head to our 10am stand up paddle board reservation!

Our plan was to Uber to Island Spirit Kayak in Oak Bluffs, but once we got off the boat the first thing we saw was a sign for "Bike Rentals" right in front of us! Rosie's dad had implored with her to make sure we rented bikes because it's the best way to see the island, and we're all so glad that we did. I think the bike ride from Edgartown to Oak Bluffs (and back) was a highlight for all of us.

After a 30 minute ride, we arrived in Oak Bluffs ready to paddle! We went out for a little over an hour, starting on the ocean side and then quickly retreating back under the bridge into the safety of the cove for a relaxing paddle.

After paddle boarding, we continued on our bikes into downtown Oak Bluffs for lunch. We found the perfect spot at the Sand Bar, a restaurant with outdoor seating that backs right up the water; it is a literal giant sandbox. So with our toes in the sand, we enjoyed a rather sober lunch, which is what happens when to leave your IDs at home to paddle board!

We finished lunch, enjoyed some more scenery in Oak Bluffs, and then biked back to Edgartown to catch the launch back to the boat.

Once we were back on board, Captain Scott offered to take us on a little cruise out of the harbor so he could gas up the boat and refill the water tank. We took this opportunity to lounge on the sun deck with cocktails and macarons, and take in more of the sights!

10/10 would recommend Captain Scott to both captain your boat and take your Instagram-worthy shots.

After cocktail hour, we cleaned up for dinner and Captain Scott dropped us off in town.

As a side note: I had made three reservations at different seafood restaurants on the island, but at lunch Kelly remarked that she was craving a really great pasta dish. Our server at the Sand Bar mentioned that she also worked at an Italian place called Isola at night, and that they had authentic homemade pasta. I called up Isola when they opened, asked if they could squeeze in a party of five, and they were happy to accommodate us later that night! We enjoyed a lovely little walk through town on our way to dinner, stopping at both Kell(e)y street....

... and Mad Rosie's!

When we arrived at Isola, we headed to the bar so that we could wait for a table outside on the charming fairy-lit patio. And guess what was waiting for Kelly? A gin and tonic from her fiancé, Tom!

Funny enough, we took more videos than we did pictures at dinner, but this ended up being the absolute perfect place to eat, and here's why...

Our server from earlier in the day at Sand Bar was so excited to see us; we had the most DELICIOUS hand-made pasta and seafood dishes; the owner of the restaurant was about to become a grandfather for the second time as we were dining; we sat next to a lovely couple who were also engaged (see Kelly and Ashley below); our server Ben came out with dessert for Kelly while playing "Here Comes the Bride" on the melodica (Google it); we met our neighbors from the mooring next to us who were also dining on the patio; we were invited inside while our new friend Ashley's fiancé and our server did a duet of K-Ci and JoJo's "All my Life" on the keyboard and melodica; two more restaurant patrons then stepped up to play Heart and Soul on the keyboard, accompanied by Ben on the melodica and Rosie on the bongos; and to top it all off, Tom had called ahead and arranged to treat us to dinner. Our night was off to a phenomenal start!

After dinner, we spent the rest of the night exactly how Kelly wanted: on the dance floor! First we checked out a Bon Jovi cover band at The Wharf (it was everything we thought it would be and more), and then we ended up at the Seafood Shanty for the rest of the night! This place encapsulated a great bar, DJ, and dance scene and it was such a fun way to end our night. I think we danced for three hours straight, and it was a blast. Eventually we headed back to the Panacea and quickly crashed after a full day of sun and shenanigans.

The next morning, we slept in late, had breakfast on the boat, and spent the morning on the sun deck before cruising back to Falmouth in the late afternoon and heading home. Somehow I managed to only take one picture on our last day, but I think it was the perfect one:

The whole weekend was just a ton of fun from start to finish, and it was so amazing to see Kelly surrounded by so much love from each of her bridesmaids. I think this was for certain a bachelorette for the record books, and we can't wait to be together again in SIX SHORT WEEKS for a wedding that promises to be as amazing as this past weekend was.


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