Kelly's Rehearsal Dinner

I can't believe that it has already almost been one month since my sister Kelly married her new husband Tom! It honestly feels like it was only three or four days ago that we were staying in this big beautiful house right on the water in Maine getting ready for their wedding. I wanted to share some photos from her truly beautiful rehearsal dinner that was hosted by Tom's parents! His mom, in particular, did an amazing job from the farm tables to the greenery to the food to the bar setup. For his part, Tom's dad made his famous seafood chowder, which was perfect for what turned out to be a sort of chilly night. But even the cooler temperatures couldn't keep our spirits down- we were SO excited for all of our family and Kelly & Tom's friends to arrive. Scroll through the photos to see the beauty of their welcome dinner! I think the coolest part was that the house we were staying in actually overlooked the wedding venue-- check it out in the third photo!

Look how happy she is! How could she not be with such a sweet new husband and special night to kick off the weekend. :) Thank you to my fellow bridesmaids for helping to capture some of these photos!


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