Kelly & Tom's Housewarming

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fun, relaxing, and safe Fourth of July weekend. I feel like I could really use one more day for the relaxing part. Les and I both had Friday off but we used it to continue to get unpacked after returning form Maine. It took us so long because the stuff we were unpacking was essentially winter clothing, so at the same time we were trying to get organized after getting home, we were also swapping out winter clothing for our summer stuff. And, doing some much needed closet clearing-out (mostly on my part). We're lucky that we have a storage room that came with our apartment, but it's always a big to-do to pull out one season's worth of bins and swap them for the next.

On Saturday, though, we were so excited to head up to my sister and her husband's new, and very first, house! They got married last September and they were so excited to recently find the home of their dreams. This past weekend was the big move out of their condo in New Hampshire to just over the border in Maine. Their new house is seriously so dreamy, and Les and I already can't wait to go back and spend more time there. I mean.... it came with a Christmas tree farm. And apple trees. And a chicken coop. It feels like a Hallmark movie and a Taylor Swift song all wrapped in one. Of course, such a beautiful house (and beautiful people) called for a beautiful housewarming gift!

I thought it would be fun to share what my mom and I, along with my Grandma, put together for Kelly and Tom to celebrate their housewarming. We came across a few great ideas for personal touches online, and I'm always one to share great gifting ideas so here they are!

Tom and his Dad had recently built a picnic table for the backyard at their condo, and now its home is out on their beautiful new patio! We knew they would be spending tons of time eating and entertaining outside, so my mom and I thought these outdoor plates, salad bowls, snack bowls, and cups would be a great and practical gift.

We also picked up a bottle of bubbly and had a photo of their house printed on a new label for the bottle. Such a fun keepsake! My mom found a really cool map design of their town on Etsy, and I created return labels for them with their new address on it! We also included two home and design magazines, along with a monthly subscription to one of them.

We put everything inside of the main gift— this incredible beverage tub! Two things: first, it actually has their address printed on the front, which I thought was such a great idea (go Mom!). I blurred it out for this post, but trust me, it looks amazing. And two, the tub also came with a stand. The idea is that they can fill this with ice and cold drinks when they're entertaining outside. How awesome is that?

If the above was the Instagram version of the gift, then the one below is the "reality." The last thing we wanted to add was a "Fat Max" flashlight. This has been a big hit in our family ever since my Uncle Ray introduced it to us at the lake one year. This thing lets you see a mile away in the dead of night, so it's fun to use when you're out camping or just want to spot any critters in your yard. But, if you think I was going to put that in the beautiful display I created, you would be wrong. :)

We can't wait to see how Kelly and Tom fully settle into their new home and we're so thrilled that they're only an hour (56 minutes, to be exact) North of us. We fully plan on making their place a frequent destination and get-away for us, whether they know it or not. :) Congratulations, to my big sis and brother-in-law!

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Custom Wine Label: Etsy

Melamine Plates: Bed Bath & Beyond

Melamine Bowls: Bed Bath & Beyond (sold out, similar here)

Fish Snack Bowls: Bed Bath & Beyond (sold out, similar here) Melamine Cups: Bed Bath & Beyond Fat Max Flashlight: Tractor Supply


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