lisa by the sea: Logo Reveal

A few friends and family have asked me what my goals are for lisa by the sea. Truthfully, I don't really have any. I've just been having fun documenting the wedding planning process and sharing my love for fashion. I think it'll be pretty cool to look back on how Les and I were feeling when we experienced milestones like getting engaged and taking our engagement photos, and how we felt when we picked certain elements of our wedding, like our venue. And, like I said in my first What I'm Wearing Weekly post, I frequently take pictures of new outfits I put together so I remember to wear them again, so I thought why not share them?

In any case, wherever lisa by the sea goes, I'm excited to say that it will officially have a logo! For my 26th birthday this year, my sister and her fiancé gave me such a cool gift: the chance to design my very own logo. It's something I actually hadn't thought of for the blog, but I was SO excited as soon as they told me that a professional graphic designer would be working with me to create one. We started with a shared Pinterest board for inspiration, and I gave him an idea of what I thought I wanted: minimalistic, and featuring a whale tail. Random, right? My thought was that a whale tail would be a fun, graphic element that would give my blog a definitive costal New England identity. We went through about three rounds of edits, perfecting the aesthetic, fonts, and colors, and I LOVE the final product! So without further delay, here is the official new logo of lisa by the sea:

AH! How cute is that? Things I love: the combination of loose cursive and the structured serif font on the bottom, and how the whale tail is integrated seamlessly. One element we went back and forth on is if we should keep the full "lisa by the sea" vs just "by the sea" underneath the top line since it already says Lisa. After seeing it both ways, I really liked the fuller line that included my name a second time, and I actually really love that it is a nod to my "other identity" as "Lisa Lisa." I might as well delve into that story really quick....

Back when I first created a gmail account in high school, I just wanted plain old lisarandall at Predictably, this was taken. Instead of adding numbers or a middle initial (like most logical people would do), I added a second "lisa." Don't ask me why. After the gmail account came my lisalisarandall Instagram. Since then, a number of people have taken to calling me Lisa Lisa, as well. When I change my name next year after marring Les, I'm likely going to change my email and other usernames, but I'll still retain a little bit of "Lisa Lisa" in this logo. :)

The designer I worked with gave me a full logo package that included files for both web and print, as well as the little whale tail on its own so I could use it for profile pictures in the future. He also gave me the logo in a few other colors (white, black, and a sea blue) should I ever need them. I'm in love with the final design, and I can't wait to use it in whatever way I can think of! That said, you can bet that everyone on my Christmas list is getting a lisa by the sea mug or t shirt this year.... (just kidding).


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