Meet Nestlie

Ok, right off the bat I want to clarify: yes, our pup is named after Nestlé Toll House (chocolate chips, to be exact), and yes, we know that we spell it incorrectly. When we first adopted her and chose her name I'm embarrassed to say that this was my thought process: you can't inscribe an accent on a dog tag (at least not on the machines in PetSmart/Petco) and if she ever got lost and someone looked at her tag, they might start calling her Nestle (rhyming with wrestle) and she would be so confused since that's not her name!! So we went with Nestlie.

Now, in the four and a half years since we've had her.... 1) we've never lost her, and 2) no one has EVER looked at her collar to find out her name. (Duh, they just ask us what it is). So, all of this is to say if we did it all over again we would spell it the classic (fancy) French way, but we're too deep into monogrammed dog blankets and the like to go back.

Les and I both grew up with dogs and always knew we would get one (or many) together. When Les moved into his own apartment during our fourth year of college (four out of five because our college had a full-time co-op program) and he found out pets were allowed in his unit, he basically couldn't help himself and he made the push for us to get a dog. I say "us" because even though we didn't live together at the time, I was spending 99% of my time at his place-- keep in mind we had been together for four years at this point! I was a bit more apprehensive about getting a dog at that point in our lives because we were still in college, and having a pet is a huge (and often times unanticipated) financial committment. That being said, I'm SO GLAD that Les convinced me that it was doable because I can't imagine our lives without Nestlie.

We found her on Petfinder when she was seven months old and being fostered at a house in Cambridge by a volunteer for the All Dog Rescue organization. The only thing we really know about her, in terms of her background, is that she was turned into the North Shore Animal Hospital as a puppy. We're not sure if she was a stray or if she was unwanted and surrendered, but all we know is that now she's ours. :)

When we first brought her into the vet after adopting her, we were told she was likely born that February, so we assigned her a birthday of February 14 (because what's sweeter than Valentine's Day?!), so as of this year she's a little over five years old. We were pretty confident that she was a dachshund-chihuahua mix-- known as a chiweenie-- but a DNA test confirmed this for sure last year.

She's the sweetest snuggler and LOVES to play-- she genuinely appreciates and plays with every toy she's ever given (which means that she has an absurd amount of toys). She's more of a "people person" than a "dog person" so she'll always be an only dog, and she wouldn't have it any other way. She is so happy being the center of our world, and we're so happy she's ours. Check her out on her (admittedly not so active anymore) Instagram: @chocolatechipchiweenie


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