Meet the Groomsmen

If Les's half of the wedding party had a theme, it would be rowing. The great sport of rowing (don't call it crew- they hate that) is how Les met all five of his groomsmen; four from college and one from high school. The other theme? Height. The average of the group (excluding Les) is around 6'3". I may be the youngest of my party, but Les is the shortest of his. :) Nonetheless, I'm so glad that this fun group of guys (and their truly wonderful better halves) will be a part of our wedding and all the fun leading up to it!

Colin, Best Man

Colin is our Canadian dignitary, hailing from Vancouver and currently living in Ottawa. He and Les won a Silver Medal in a four at national's one year, and they were roommates in their first apartment together. We're such big fans of Colin that we drove 11 hours to visit him at his family's cottage on Lake Huron last summer-- and I even learned stick to split the drive with Les. If that isn't love, what is? Colin is incredibly polite, absolutely loves Nestlie (though he'll try tell you otherwise) and can make a pretty mean feast out of whatever ingredients he's given.

Max, Groomsman

A fellow roommate in their first apartment, Max is originally from Detroit and currently lives in Dallas. Unlike the culinary Colin, Max specializes in one entrée: crab cakes. He's been feeding them to us since our freshman year of college, haphazardly made in dormitory kitchens. What he's lacking in the kitchen he makes up for in his story-telling; Max always has a saga to share about one thing or another and he never leaves us bored. For two years in a row, Max joined Les and I on our Christmas tree hunt--helping to find and then haul, and then hoist the perfect tree.

Slawek, Groomsman

Slawek has been one Les's best friends since high school together in upstate New York, and Les was in Slawek's wedding two years ago. Both he and Les are essentially part of each other's families and have been referred to as "brothers from another mother." When Slawek asked Les to be in his wedding, he gave Les Polish vodka. So when Les asked Slawek to be in ours, he returned the gesture with Irish whiskey. In addition to an appreciation for the fine liquor of their ancestors, the two also share a birthday!

Greg, Groomsman

So, apparently the only picture Les and Greg have where they're standing within ten feet of each other is this boujee one of them playing croquet in an English garden. Along with Max, they traveled to England for the Henley Royal Regatta while in college. Greg is a fellow Connecticut native and is Les's finance bro and professional exam partner. They've shared many an hour lamenting over the fact that they study more now than they ever did in college.

Matt, Groomsman

Because one Polish guy from New York wasn't enough, Les asked Matt to be in our wedding as well! Though they never actually lived together, Les also considers Matt to be one of his former roommates, having lived across the street in the same less-than-safe neighborhood in Boston for over two years. When I asked Les to share some of his best memories with Matt, he said most wouldn't be suitable for public consumption...

I'll end on this note: Max is single, ladies! As his closet female confidant, I'll be taking applications for his wedding date. Only requirement? Must love crab cakes.


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