My Makeup Routine

I've been thinking about doing this post for a while, but I want to start right away by saying I am by no means an expert on makeup. I don't know how to contour, and I only vaguely know how to highlight. In high school, my makeup routine consisted of a little bronzer and mascara. And, I still remember the first time my sister showed me how to wear anything more than that when we shared a sublet together while I was in college. But, that being said, over the years I have found a few products that are easy to use and somewhat make me look like I know what I'm doing (at least I think...). So I thought today that I would share the products that I use almost everyday, and then a few that I use on occasion.

1. Maybelline Colossal Mascara | 2. Benefit Boi-ing Concealer | 3. Benefit Gimme Brow Gel | 4. Benefit Cheekleader Palette | 5. Benefit Matte Rescue Primer | 6. Thrive Blur CC Cream | 7. Thrive Setting Powder | 8. Sephora Beauty Blender

More proof that I'm actually not all that knowledgeable about makeup... I didn't realize that most of the products I use are made by Benefit until I went to find them all on Sephora's website! I guess it makes the most sense to start in the order of application; I'm going to share the type of tool next to each product that I use to apply it.

First things first, I use a dot or two of this Murad moisturizer. Confession time: moisturizer is actually a very new part of my face routine. I sort of avoided it like the plague because my forehead is naturally pretty oily, so I didn't want to use anything that would add to this problem. It wasn't until recently that my friend Melody explained to me that sometimes our skin overproduces oil because it's craving moisture; makes perfect sense to me! So I'm trying to see if I can naturally re-balance my skin type by adding a bit of moisturizer at night and in the morning. This Murad one, which is oil free, mattifying, and SPF 45 was recommended to me by an associate at Sephora based on my concerns about oil! I also shared that I've been using this facial oil that Sarah gave me for Christmas every few days so that I don't completely over-do it and end up drying out my skin.

Next, I rub a drop or two of this Pore Professional Matte Rescue primer all over my face. I find that it does help control some of my natural sheen, and leaves a nice base to build on. I find that I really need to avoid anything heavy in terms of makeup, and while it may seem counter intuitive to achieve this by adding more layers, the primer makes everything on top of it feel as though its sitting lighter on my face.. if that makes sense. Then comes this Thrive Blur CC Cream; I put a few dots on my face and blend it in using a foundation brush. The goal here is to even out my skin tone and pores.

I follow that up with my Boi-ing concealer under my eyes, which I apply using a beauty blender. The concealer is the product I've been using the longest: since high school. Last year Benefit came out with a brightening version which both my sister and I LOVED, but they didn't keep it around for some reason.

Next comes what I think should really be called miracle powder. For a while maybe a year ago I kept seeing Thrive Cosmetics advertising all over Instagram, specifically this one video of their model applying their "Soft Focus HD Setting Powder." Whoa does it work, especially in tandem with the cc cream. It just sort of sets everything into place and further blurs any imperfections in your skin. It's also super light and airy which I love.

The last step on my overall face/cheeks is when I use this "Cheekleader" palette from Benefit. Which portions of it I use varies depending on what I'm doing, but on a typical day I use just a bit of the Hoola bronzer (another product I've adored since high school) and then just a bit of the Coralista blush on my cheekbones. If I'm going out, I substitute the Gold Rush blush and add some Cookie on the bridge of my nose and cheekbones as highlighter. Admittedly I haven't really experimented with the Hoola Caramel bronzer too much, but the notes say it can be brushed anywhere that you want added definition. The three brushes I use are below, in order of bronzer, blush, and highlighter!

Lastly for my eyes. I have never found an eyeliner that I like; they always looked way to heavy on me, so I've gone without it for years. The same goes for eyeshadow, although I would like to think there is some combination out there that wouldn't make me look like a clown! Recommendations are welcome. :) Instead, I just use mascara on both my top and bottom lashes. Truthfully I have used a ton of different brands, but usually I just come back to Maybelline's Colossal mascara that I get at CVS. The very last touch is a swipe of Benefit's Gimme Brow gel to tame and thicken... and voila!

Before I go, here are just a few more products that I use on occasion:

Skyn Iceland Eye Cream

I've had the same little jar of Skyn Iceland Eye Cream since I first wrote about in March of last year! And actually, for time's sake, here's what I wrote about it then:

I first heard about and tried this eye cream after receiving a really small sample in the mail with an online Nordstrom order, and I loved it. It's super soothing and cooling. The best way to describe it is that it makes the area under my eyes look so much more awake, bright, and fresh (my English major self is hating those repetitive adjectives, but I just think they're really accurate in this case). A few months went by before I actually bought myself some because the price is no joke! But Ulta had it on sale for half-off the other week and I jumped on it. I will say that it's worth the splurge in my opinion (plus you use just a tiny amount so it will last a long time), but keep your fingers crossed for another sale soon! Right now you can get it for 48.00 from either Ulta or Amazon.

Glossier Solution

I actually thought I had shared this Glossier Solution before, but I looked back and I guess I haven't. I'm not sure why, because it's a miracle. It actually went viral for a little bit a while back. I've mentioned before that my skin is a mix of dry in some spots due to seborrheic dermatitis, and then super oily in some places (mainly my forehead) by the end of the day. Typically I use a prescription cream for the dermatitis, but applying this solution before bed has actually lessened the frequency with which I have to use my cream. It also helps my skin stay cleaner and clearer. As of late it's been a product that I haven't been using every day, but I actually think I'm gong to try and get back in the habit of remembering to put it on every night again.

Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops

Lastly, I incorporate these tanning drops every few days into my moisturizer. They were gifted to me by my friend Hannah after she had tried and loved them. And, after using them myself for about a week, my sister noticed the difference in my skin tone, too! It's just a really easy way to add a little bit of even color in the winter.

Well, that is everything! Boy that seems like a lot, but in terms of a routine it's actually pretty straight-forward and not too time consuming! I'm sure I'll end up swapping out a few of these products over time, so please let me know if you have any of your own recommendations! In particular, somebody please find me an eye shadow palette that doesn't make me look like a clown. :)


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